Author: Astuti Bajaj Bhatnagar

A Homemaker-Mommy-Bohemian shares why she travels

I am a gypsy. I love traveling. Most new places get me happy…. and I'm addicted to this happiness. It’s like a drug I need every 3-4 months. One shot at travel even if just for 3 days.  Most of my friends love the fact that I find ways to travel and places to travel to.  Especially when I do so with my girlfriends (without my family) on trips which are becoming a ritual now.  Naturally, it’s not uncommon for women to travel in groups these days… Most women who are unattached, looking for a travel companion or looking...

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Lite Bite Foods Trail

So what does a new food blogger do when she is invited to try a bunch of restaurants for a food trail being organised by GurgaonMoms? Goes for the food trail of course! 😉  Lite Bite Foods had organised a lovely food trail in association with GurgaonMoms where they invited some of us to come critique their restaurants and tell them what we love and what we didn't like so much in their menus. The restaurants covered in the list was- Zambar, Fres Co, Asia Seven and Punjab Grill.    The foodie in me was kicked to find out the variety on...

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