Author: Kanika Manaktala Wadhwa

KitchenAid Masterclass for GurgaonMoms at Le Meridien

Kicked at the thought of tasting some great Chinese food, my bored-of-usual-fare tummy totally raced at GurgaonMom's invitation for the Masterclass by Chef Wong Kwai Wah(Sam) at the Le Meridian, not knowing that this was going to be an amazing session filled with fine bits of knowledge, aroma and warm conversations.  Chef Sam, a delightful person, who has been instrumental in introducing dimsums to India in a  huge way, was at the helm of the session. Though with an interesting and varied culinary repertoire behind him, he is ever so modest in his ways. He took care to pass on...

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Cooking with Le Creuset | Aditya Bal demonstrates to GurgaonMoms

Just the other day, I was watching Aditya Bal on one of his T.V. programmes, turning an ordinary dish into an extraordinary feat with his lovely, flowing account of the whole affair, which made me fall instantly in love with the final product. With this, he literally pushed me into the kitchen to rustle up my version of the same. Period. The same afternoon, Subhashini’ s call stirred me from my heavenly siesta and sooner than I knew, the heavy eyed langour gave way to wide eyed  cheer. Guess what, she asked me if I could write for this event...

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Conquer “Picky Eaters and other Meal Time Battles”

Foodhall was filled with glee and camaraderie of the moms who had come to attend Rakhee Vaswani’s cookery workshop cum book launch. The chill of the winter morning gave way to the welcoming warmth of the GurgaonMoms Upasana and Subhashini, whose spirits were infectious . The excitement was palpable as Rakhee entered the hall. With her pleasing personality and affable demeanour, she hardly behaved like a celebrity. She exuded oodles of positivity as she mingled with all of us in there. Having  rightly caught the pulse of the picky eaters, with her extremely hands on book, by the same...

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