Author: Kavitha Ramakanth

A Mom’s Earth Day Pledge

 Turn off the lights Turnoff the water Re-use, recycle, I  might not be able to go out there, to preach, educate and make a large scale impact for earth day. But, there are things that I can practise at home to do my bit. I promise : To  not shower or use the bath tub, instead use a bucket or max 2 for my daily bath. To use the right button on the flush To Turn off lights when not in use. I will urge members of my  family to be in one place to use minimal light. To...

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My Kitchen Queen – My Grinder – For the perfect Idlis and Dosas

If your family likes Idli / Dosa this one is a must have. I’m not a great cook, but would surely love to serve fresh healthy food for my family. No matter what or where, my 6 year old loves Dosas to Pizzas anyday. And for good idlis and dosas a grinder is a must have. It is much more tastier and healthier to make your own batter than buying it from the shop. I would strongly recommend the Ultra Grind 1.25 litres, its small, compact, portable and does a wonderful job. Idlis and Dosas just taste perfect. At  Rs. 7000 it is a worthy investment for your kitchen. It’s low maintenance and last many years. Ingredients and Proportions for the batter : ( I use the same batter for idli and Dosa) Idli Rice : 4 cups ( available at South Indian Stores/ needs / spencers) Whole urad dal : 1 cup ( not broken, pealed, white whole urad dal) Methi seeds : 1 tsp Poha : 1 cup Wash and soak methi, urad dal and rice separately, for 4-7 hours or overnight depending on climate. Soak poha just for one hour. Grind  the urad dal and methi to a fine paste, adding minimal water. Remove and keep aside. Grind the poha first for a minute then add the rice, keep adding water at regular intervals to keep...

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Be Human

About ten days ago, my maid didn’t turn up for work in the evening and she said she was in a hospital, because her brother-in-law met with an accident, has suffered a head injury and was in an ICU in some hospital in Chakkarpur. She came as usual to work next day. I came to understand, that he was a road cleaner and was hit by a car, driven by a female driver, when he was winding up to leave for home at about 3.30 pm.  The man was admitted in a not so good hospital, and 5 days later he succumbed to injury. Why was he not given best possible treatment to save his life? And today I wake up to read the horrific incident in Jaipur. As humans it’s our basic responsibility to save a life, atleast try our best. I would like to share a real-life incident, to atleast help people who live under fear, that, what if they get into trouble by helping others or who just don’t know what to do. Back in 2002, I used to work in Bangalore on a project for a consulting firm. I used to commute by Taxi from Fox Town to Sharjapur Road, to the client’s office. One morning I had left for work at 8 in the morning, in a newly bought salwar suit from a boutique....

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Being Tamil in Gurgaon

When we first set foot in Gurgaon in January 2009, little did we know that we’d come to love this city (except when having to foot bills), so much over the years. We found friends, best friends, long lost friends and distant relatives who became first family. I still remember, during one of our first visits to a local mandi, we met a maami (tamil aunty, they’re easy to spot with their pattu saree and typical tamil diamond ear stud) and my mom-in-law asked her, “Are there many Tamils in Gurgaon?” and she promptly replied, ”You’ll meet a million!”,...

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Upcoming Events

all-day Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Jan 20 all-day
Organipop - Organic Farmers' Market and Food @ Ambience Mall
Grainny’s Organipops make trustworthy organic food and lifestyle accessible to you. We are delighted to invite you to this weekly addition of your city’s most wholesome Organic Event, in partnership with Ambience Mall Gurgaon. Here[...]
10:30 am PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Jan 20 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Play /plei/ is to fiddle or tamper with Lab /’lab/ is a place for experiments, teaching, research, learning and making We call our workshops PlayLabs because this is where we tinker around with stuff –[...]
11:00 am The Winter Pop-Up @ DLF Club5
The Winter Pop-Up @ DLF Club5
Jan 20 @ 11:00 am – Jan 21 @ 8:00 pm

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