Author: Neela Kaushik

International Women’s Day – A celebration ?

The last week of February and the first week of March, I just feel like a spoilt kid with everyone trying to get my attention 🙂 Brands vying against each other, trying too hard to make us cry, with their tear jerker commercials. Restaurants, salons & pubs throwing away irresistible deals. Speeches and articles extolling women achievers & talking about women empowerment [This is much needed though!] Some of us ask, why celebrate Women’s Day ? I would say , let this day be a reminder that we as a society, still have unfinished work.. and we shall work...

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Make some $$$ from the comfort of your home!

Though we are busy moms and have our own numerous reasons for not getting back to a 9 – 5 job , some of us still have the urge to make the money from the comfort of our home. I have done some research and listed out a few. I have also managed to skim through relevant websites, make a jist and recommend related websites: While I am recommending a few options, I am also letting you know, that this is not an easy income generation method. It takes consistent effort and time. The only advantage internet offers you...

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