Author: Nidhi Jagtiani

Dressing & Styling Tips for Holi

Holi is around the corner so fun and colours will be on our minds. As much as we plan our Holi adventures we also plan our Holi dressing and styling. Image Redefined brings to you some super chic and super useful dressing, styling and safety tips for this Holi 2018. White is too Cliche, get into the Holi Spirit with colours Try bright bold colours and floral patterns this spring. Early March, Holi being on 2nd March this year can still be a little cold for North India, especially Delhi and Gurgaon. You can mix fashionable tees or tops with palazzo and trousers....

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Improving Body Image and Self Esteem

How often do we hear people saying something like: I am Fat. I am not beautiful. I wish I was tall like Simran. I would be happier if I had longer hair. I wish my son was fairer. I wish I had bigger muscles and a wider chest. Fact 1#:  As we grow up, we tend to ignore that fact that we are all happy with our body image since birth, even if we are differently-abled or ugly by society’s standards However, as we grow up we start to get dissatisfied with our physical attributes and start losing self-esteem. People...

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Dressing Tips for the New Year Party

The new year is just around the corner and you have probably booked your party places and holiday destinations already. Many of us have parties and hangouts planned on our building rooftops or society’s activity areas. Have you decided what you are wearing to your New Year party? Here are some holiday dressing tips for you. Points to note about New Year time It is winter time, so we need to stay warm and fashionable. These are western celebrations so western dressing is preferable. Parties are mostly held at night and are attended by a young audience. Here are some quick Fashion...

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