Author: Pooja Sardana

Where To Go In Gurgaon To Eat Out With Kids

If you live in Gurgaon and have kids under the age of 6, the likely question that pops up every weekend is – where do we go out for lunch? For those without kids, this isn’t a question one asks while leisurely sipping tea and reading the newspaper, simultaneously thinking of the three new summer dresses in the cupboard wondering which one is best suited for a brunch with friends. This is the harried question of a mom who cannot think of what to cook for yet another meal and is simultaneously remembering how sheepishly she had to apologize...

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Get Up and Run!

Runner or not, I can’t think of a female friend who hasn’t swooned over the Milind Soman, so when GurgaonMoms called and asked me to join a coffee chat at Ramada, I jumped at the chance. I went fully expecting it to be a typical promotional event with some exec going yada yada about their message followed by a quick photo op with MS, to be finished of with decent enough coffee.  Imagine my surprise when i reached Hotel Ramada Gurgaon Central, to find Milind Soman himself sitting on the podium speaking passionately about health, fitness and the importance of...

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