Author: Rashi Seth

Basic Bras Every Women Should Have

Have you ever had to get ready and at the last minute you realize your bra does not match your outfit or there is a theme event invite and you realize you do not have the right bra or the right colour? Every one of us, at one time or another, has not had that “right” piece of lingerie just when we need it A simple list to know that there are must-haves and should have and if you find one in your size buy it store it. If you have all these items, you should be covered for...

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How to Know that You are Wearing the Wrong Bra

Most women around the world wonder the real need to wear a bra.Therefore at the onset, we must set out  to determine  the purpose of a bra and to establish the purpose we first need to understand the anatomy of breasts Breasts contain mainly fat, glands, connective tissue and fluids. These contents are supported against gravity by tissues and the skin that covers them. Therefore obviously when one is sitting or standing, there is much strain on these elements. As you walk or exercise, the tissues inside the breast may experience tiny injuries, causing pain and discomfort. The weight...

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