Author: Saloni Singh

How to Build A Deep Connection with Your Teen

Your child has turned 12 or 13 and you wonder what happened to that sweet innocent bundle of energy who is teen now. You notice snapping or talking back, slamming doors, emotional outbursts of different types, tantrums and more. Teenage is usually a highly sensitive and emotional time for your child and a tough period for you as a parent too (esp. during age 12- 15 yrs). Your child is trying to find her/his individuality and working hard to fit in this world full of pressure, high exposure, and expectations. Modern teens are ten times more stressed than our teenage...

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A Little Pause That Changed Everything

"Mumma! She called loudly as soon as she entered the house, stamping her feet . You need to do something about my facial hair. I want to get rid of them, at least from my upper lip and eye brows. I am so annoyed by them and everyone makes fun of me and my moustache at school. Why am I the only one with so much hair in my class? I hate them. My daughter was fuming in anger and irritation.  "You're just 13. I got it done when I was 19." "Why do you compare yourself with others?"...

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