Author: Sangita Wahi Mohin

Give Me a Breath of Fresh Air!

“Rohan! Stop watching T.V. It’s time to go for some play outside.” How many of us can dare to make such a statement today? Playing in the fresh air was probably the best thing that could happen to kids, some time ago. And today’s announcement directs schools to withdraw all outdoor activities for children as the National Capital Region woke up to a thick haze blanket of hazardous air. Isn’t it sad? Human activity and existence have brought us to such a miserable condition. I was pain stricken to see little children and adults walk down the streets wearing...

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Passionately Green

“Yipee!” I call out loud when I manage to pull a perfect grown mooli from my little green patch. Now that’s what I call true happiness. Indeed, enjoying a bowl of crisp lettuce for salad from the backyard or sizzling gobhi paranthas from the freshly plucked cauliflower on a Sunday morning for breakfast is simply divine. What can be more of a delicacy than to relish a few freshly spotted mangoes from the mango tree that stands in your verandah or to squeeze in a few home grown lemons for a quick nimboo pani to quench your thirst in...

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