Author: Shailja

Can you love two people at a time?

Can you love two people at a time? This has been a topic of never-ending debate…. But this was not the case with him….he loved both of them equally…. He couldn’t do without either of them….his life had no meaning without their presence…. He always tried to keep both of them separate….so that the creeper of jealous doesn’t climb up the wall of love…… He even provided them separate abode…… This was that unfortunate day when despite all the efforts…he left them both together in his car….,n that opened the can of worms…. There was this spiteful conversation between...

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Prema Iyer: A Nani with a Mission

"Nation has given me a lot, what have I given back to the nation?" These were the words of Mrs.Prema Iyer -a tiny framed, petite woman that caught my attention. Dear ladies, today I am going to be introducing you to an exemplary woman with an extraordinary story-Naani(she said she is fondly called Naani by everyone) I was doing a maternity shoot at Lodhi gardens, in between, I would catch a breather n stretch my back… I saw a lady wearing a smart track suit, walking very fast..glowing with some divine charm-looking so calm n composed.I just waved and...

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Selfless Joys

God had been unkind ….there was a stark difference in the social status of both the was a top corporate honcho and the other one was an artist who made sculptures  He always felt that life had been unkind, one brother was the Destiny's child and the other one was the always hit by the stroke of ill fate. Over the period of time he developed so much hatred for his brother, perhaps jealousy and his own complexes made him loathe his brother.He envied his implacable picture perfect life…fat bank balance, huge bungalow -an enviable possession, pretty wife...

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A Mother Knows It All

He hated his new mom..she was caring, pretty and soft spoken yet he hated her… "Home work time…write the alphabets from A-F today and show me", she said taking out his books from the school bag… He sat down reluctantly knowing there is no escape… Half an hour later…he placed the note book before her and ran away to play with his mates. In the evening, when three of them sat down to have their dinner..she spoke..," honey, we must look for a good art teacher who could teach him drawing and painting….." "What….drawing?" "He is a boy…he would...

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Create Something Meaningful

So while we were on a short getaway to Goa.., I became quite an adventurous woman….Allowing the sun to kiss every part of my body…almost all..(hold your horses)walking around bare feet on the beach early morning with the camera in my hand…. Somehow couldn't click much as I felt enchanted by the waves studded sea….but that morning something caught my fancy….and I decided to click a few pics…least did I know that it will end up conveying a subtle yet so powerful message to me… How could I not share the same with you… So I saw this liquor...

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