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7 Ways in which a Parent’s Infidelity Impacts Kids

It was Rakshabandhan day – a festival that families typically celebrate together – that ended in tragedy for a family. The mother consumed poison, the father was taken into police custody, and three teenaged children were left to fend for themselves. All because the father had an affair and the photographs of him and the other woman having sex went viral. This incident did not take place in the big, bad city but in a small, sleepy hamlet in Kumaon.  Impulsive decisions can be made by anyone, anywhere. However, when such decisions are made by parents, children get sucked...

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Understanding Teenagers: Why they do what they do!

In this article you will find some answers as to why teenagers behave the way they do and some ideas that might help in your journey with them. Teenagers go though cognitive, biological, social and emotional changes through the teenage years. All these changes lead them to develop their self identity and a new way of relating with parents, family members, friends, and the world at large. This is when the stage is set for their launch into the big, wide world full of possibilities and complexities they need to learn to deal with. When you think of your little baby who has become a teenager now, what do you notice? Has he/she become more independent, opinionated, sometimes disrespectful, moody, preoccupied with physical appearance, and so on? Most importantly, you would have noticed that your relationship has undergone a change –  this child is no longer as malleable, perhaps doesn’t idolize you the way he/she did as a child, or may appear too independent to need hugs, kisses, and reassurances.  Where does that leave you? What is your role now? Is it just you, your child, your relationship, that feels like a rollercoaster ride (without the adrenaline high)? Well, almost all parents go through this rollercoaster ride, with different levels of intensity. It sometimes helps to remind oneself as a parent that this is a time for changes and...

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Talking to children about sex!

Why Children are often exposed to sex and overt sexuality quite early in life, whether it is in the form of popular songs, such as “Sheila ki javani”, or more direct and harmful ways, such as exposure to pornography and sexual abuse. While children do not have the maturity to understand what sex and sexuality are, they do experience some discomfort and/or curiosity when exposed to it. Depending upon how the situation is handled by the parents, they also have some feelings attached to the topic. Children and teenagers often have many questions, which they might try to ask,...

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