Author: Vidya Raja

Flintobox : Mommy Review

Keeping my almost 4 year old ‘constructively’ occupied is certainly a difficult task. Indeed, I can see many of you nod in agreement. Have you spent days wondering how to engage your child without resorting to the television or iPad? Well, I know I have struggled and I am glad to have stumbled upon the concept of ‘activity boxes’ for kids. Flintobox is a monthly activity box service, which has many “games” which engage the child, while there are underlying meaningful developmental activities in each. It follows a theme every month and each box is carefully curated with a...

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Being Different

I say designer, you think expensive. I say studio, you think arty.  What if I say designer wear clothes and jewellery can also be available at costs that don’t leave a gaping hole in your pocket. Does that make you want to read more? Sumi Paul, started a multi-designer studio and aptly named it ‘Being Different’ for precisely this reason. Making daily wear clothing designer styled, chic, and trendy.  A Masters in Bengali Literature, it was sheer 'passion for fashion,' as she says that brought her into this industry. ‘Being Different’ offers a platform to upcoming and well-established designers...

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Organic way of life, anyone?

In the 60’s and 70’s, Punjab was flourishing under the Green Revolution. While this catapulted India into a food exporting nation, it did immense damage to the traditional knowledge and practices that we pride ourselves on. In addition to the loss of knowledge, we are also experiencing the after effects of excessive agri-chemical usage. Today, we are making an attempt at returning to our roots and adopting a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living.  While there are divided opinions about the use of organic food and products, this article makes an attempt at debunking some myths about organic...

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Out Of Control

I am not the kind of person who gets frazzled easily. I feel like I am a rock, it takes a helluva lot of beating to break me. I was always sure of what I wanted from life, being married and having two kids was almost priority number one and I stuck to it. The first time I got pregnant I was 26, young and excited. That pregnancy didn’t last beyond the 5th month for reasons I still cannot comprehend very well. Sometimes on days that are gloomy and depressing I wonder if I gave up too soon then....

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Sapnon Ki Rail

“Good Morning, Ma’am.” “Good Morning, Ma’am.” said the kids, excitement and expectations writ large on their faces,as they alighted from the bus. We, at GurgaonMoms celebrated the 126th birth anniversary of Chacha Nehru by facilitating a joy ride on the metro for 120 children of the Radiant School. Radiant School is not a run-of-the-mill institution. Aparnaa Laxmi, the lady behind the school says, “I initiated the “Radiant Kids” school on the 14th of April, 2012, in Jharsa Village. I have been workingsingle– handedly with my own funds during these two years, by enrolling un-enrolled children. From the initial 40-45 students, our present...

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What are GurgaonMoms wearing this Diwali?

Seven gorgeous GurgaonMoms, and one fabulous photographer came together on Friday to put together for us various looks to carry off this festive season. The energy that these women brought to the photoshoot was absolutely infectious. Draw inspiration from our super-star moms for your festive season look! We are bringing the looks to you. We would love to see your pictures, so do post them within the community.  [metaslider id=5292] A pat on the back for Team GurgaonMoms for conceptualising and putting together this fun photoshoot. Some of our core members with the Mom Models Credits: Featured Moms: Anshu Bhatia, Anupriya...

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Upcoming Events

all-day Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Dec 23 all-day
Organipop - Organic Farmers' Market and Food @ Ambience Mall
Grainny’s Organipops make trustworthy organic food and lifestyle accessible to you. We are delighted to invite you to this weekly addition of your city’s most wholesome Organic Event, in partnership with Ambience Mall Gurgaon. Here[...]
10:30 am PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Dec 23 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Play /plei/ is to fiddle or tamper with Lab /’lab/ is a place for experiments, teaching, research, learning and making We call our workshops PlayLabs because this is where we tinker around with stuff –[...]
12:30 pm LEGO Robotics Classes for Children @ New Delhi Children's Hospital & Research Centre's Magical World
LEGO Robotics Classes for Children @ New Delhi Children's Hospital & Research Centre's Magical World
Dec 23 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
LEGO Robotics Classes for Children @ New Delhi Children's Hospital & Research Centre's Magical World
First Class is Complimentary. If you do not like to continue, post first class, you are free to do so. No questions asked. Enroll today. Contact on WhatsApp: 9599824600 ************************************************************************** First time in Vasant Kunj,[...]

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