Author: Vidya Raja

11 years and 4 months

I sat with my cup of hot chocolate and watched the rain come down, it felt like the world was weeping for me. I hadn’t shed a tear in years now. To be precise I hadn’t cried in 11 years and 4 months. I suffered the marriage I was in for 11 years and 4 months constantly, day in and day out. Independent, successful, strong willed and a woman of substance they called me. No one but me knew the real story. I was a coward. I could not muster the strength to walk out on the marriage I was in. I kept telling myself that things would be better and that one day I would be able to come back to a home and not a house. I told myself that I would be able to change him o perhaps even change myself, would be able to make him love me and cherish me. I deserved to be loved and cherished, I deserved to be cared for. My marriage was like any other typical ‘arranged marriage’, I met him for the first time in my house, on 15th May 2005. Everyone in my house was excited about the prospect of this matrimonial alliance clicking. The horoscopes had been matched, the astrologers predicted a match made in heaven for the two of us. We were told that the boy...

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Restaurant Review: Madhuban

Think Madhuban and an imagery of a lush green forest is what the mind conjures up. The last thing I would have associated Madhuban with was food from the south of India. Being a South Indian it isn’t very often that I visit restaurants that serve south Indian cuisine. Madhuban – Sattvic South Indian Restaurant, located on the second floor of Cross Point mall was a rare exception since friends I was with were in a mood for some appam and stew. Unfortunately appams weren’t on the menu. Sattvic meaning pure, light, and simple is what the interiors of this place reflect. With a capacity to seat 40, and an open kitchen, there isn’t much more that one can do with the space on hand. The term ‘south India’ is often loosely used to refer to Tamil Nadu and by extension South Indian food has rather unfortunately become stereotyped to mean idli and dosa.  Most tend to overlook delicacies that Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala have to offer. Madhuban makes an impression on this front – seeing some Andhra dishes on the menu certainly piqued my interest. With the no-nonsense menu in hand, we started off with papad laced with gunpowder. A refreshing change from normally eating masala-papad or roasted papad. While the menu said that there would be 1 piece the actual dish that was served to us...

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An overview of the Domestic Violence Act

Often, justice is not served because the victims have no idea what is the legal procedure involved or indeed what law is applicable. Vidya Raja starts off this column on laws that can help women fight crimes. Here is a low down on what the Domestic Violence Act (“Act”)means. An overview of the Domestic Violence Act The Act protecting women from domestic violence came into force in the year 2005. This Act besides being a revolution of sorts also heralded many changes in the lives of many women across the country. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence is a widely debated Act. However, very often we fail to understand what the Act means and stands for. Having said this, I must begin by explaining what ‘Domestic Violence’ means. Section 3 of the Act defines the term ‘Domestic Violence’. The salient features of the Act are as follows: Only women are at liberty to seek refuge under this Act. The Act seeks to protect women who are either in a live in relationship with an abusive partner or are married to men who are abusive in nature. The Act also has provisions wherein the women who is being subjected to domestic violence can register a case against the husbands family members who are causing such abuse. The Act includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse that is physical,...

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