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Career – Break ke Baad

Recently I had to fill out some official documents that asked me to write what I had been doing since I was 18 years old without leaving and year gap. I hunted out old documents, Resumes and dusted out the files of experience and certificates that is now covered up by kid’s artwork. The questionnaire prompted me to write my job summary – what naturally came to mind was “I am a 40 year old mommy on a 7 year break”. Unfortunately leading with that will ensure that I remain un-employable. Technically I have been working from home for...

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Woman Of The Month – October 2013

In conversation with Aparna Santhanam, a woman who wears many hats – a sucessful author, dermatologist, mother, wife, and an ardent supporter of social causes. We spoke to Aparna on life after a baby, family holidays, food, and more….. 1. Has Mommyhood changed you? If yes, how? I think becoming a Mother has been the most defining moment of my life.Everything else  in life is on one side and Mommyhood is on the other side.To me,it is the only unselfish and  unconditional relationship in life where you never think about what you are getting back.   2. One 'aww' moment/incident with your child When my daughter was nine years old,she was asked to write about a famous figure who truly  inspires her.So,naturally I expected she would write about some musician ,politician or some  other famous person.She wrote her composition on me and said that “My mother is a very good  doctor who is going to be famous!”It was not just an aww moment but has often served as an  inspiration to me. 3. One getting on the nerve moment/incident with your child When Sharanya was about seven,she stopped being amenable to suggestions about oiling her  hair.I remember,one Sunday morning,she screaming and running around the room,while I  chased her with a coconut oil bottle and finally giving up in frustration and flinging the bottle! 4. Favourite Family food with recipe  This...

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