Is Your Child Planning to Study Abroad? This Guide Will Help Parents Plan the Journey

Have you taken care of all the details of your study abroad plans? Here is a guide for parents who plan to send their children for higher studies abroad. Why Study Abroad? There are many reasons why you should consider a foreign education for your child. Whether you are looking for better job prospects or giving your child a world-class education, a study abroad plan takes care of it all. Your child will gain a holistic education: Your child will get abundant opportunities to explore his/her academic interests through research, peer collaboration, interactive lectures, excursions, field trip and much...

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Why should parents consider the option of studying abroad for their kids?

As a parent, you understand your child like nobody else. You hand hold your little one to know the world and to try out new things. When you are there, your child feels confident, fearless and enthusiastic. In every step of our life, we look up to our parents and their nod of approval boosts us with an extra dose of motivation. Study abroad is a crucial journey and your involvement would help your child stay positive and make the right decision. Here’s why exploring study abroad options for students should be considered by parents: Your child will gain...

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How to Convince your Parents to Let you Study Abroad?

Your plans to study abroad may initially not receive a warm welcome from your parents. It’s not that they don’t want you to go but cannot overcome their apprehensions of leaving you alone. All they need is assurance about your well-being, safety, comfort, and happiness. However, before trying to convince your parents, introspect and analyze your reasons for wanting to study abroad. Do you want to experience independence, gain international exposure or explore the world? Find your answers and build a response to resolve your parents’ dilemma. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to convince your parents...

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