Parents as Agony Aunts?

The popular perception of an agony aunt, mostly a gender-neutral term, is someone; you approach, when in deep shit, either to come out of it, or to avoid sinking deeper into it. Well, I had to spend some time working on the title, so it captures the essence of what I want to convey. The trigger for which was, a recent disturbing post on GurgaonMoms by a lady, surely a responsible citizen and most probably a concerned parent herself. She witnessed an obnoxious episode of two boys, zooming on a ‘Dhoom’ bike; first accost and then spit on two young girls, barely 15/16,...

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Driving Safety Tips for Expecting Mothers

    When it comes to designing cars at Ford Motor Company, comfort for expectant mothers is high on the agenda. Ford engineers and designers go to great lengths to understand the driving constraints women face while pregnant, even getting behind the wheel wearing an “Empathy Belly” – a suit which features belly weight inserts, a six-pound pouch that applies pressure to the bladder, and compartments for water and ball bearings that mimic mild fetal kicking.   Experiencing life in the driver’s seat wearing the Empathy Belly prompted design changes to benefit expectant mothers as well as offering the following tips to improve...

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Aappy to you Mamma!! ( (The reality)

Ensconced in the safety of my arms, my day old little angel was sleeping to glory when I an emotional mother promised myself to make him the best orator. He was just a day old and I started dreaming about his achievements, but the heavenly power had some other plans stored for me. With kids around time doesn't pass, but it flies. He turned two and I was still innocent and ignorant about him. When I used to feel that I know everything about my baby, then he surprises me with a change. From an early walker to a...

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