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Navratan Korma (Potato Free Navratra)

A Recipe Submission by Shalini Rajani Ingredients: 9 Boiled (steamed vegetables and fruits)- ¼ cup Carrots, ¼ cup Tomato, ¼ cup fresh Pomegranate seeds, ¼ cup Raw Banana, ¼ cup Bottle Gourd (ghia), ¼ cup fresh Pineapple, ¼ cup Pumpkin, ¼ cup Papaya,  4 tsp Tulsi Leaves (fresh) Green Chilli and Ginger Paste- 3tsp Spices: Turmeric powder, Red Chilli Powder, Elaichi Powder, rock salt Add ons: Cow Ghee 2tsp, Grated Paneer ½ cup, Milk ½ cup, Cream 1.5 tsp, Dry Fruits, Green Leaves. Method: Blanch tomatoes and make puree. Slightly fry dry fruits in desi ghee and keep aside....

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India, with a population of over 1.34 billion, has seen tremendous growth in its GDP and per capita consumption in the past two decades. However, despite the phenomenal industrial and economic growth, while India produces sufficient food to feed its population, it is unable to provide access to food to a large number of people. Our country continues to have serious levels of widespread hunger which puts us on a global ranking of 97 among 118 developing countries for which the Global Hunger Index (GHI) was calculated last year. (source: TOI) In India almost every family is wasting food...

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Khoya Aur Khumani Ke Kebab | Navratra Recipe for GurgaonMoms

Recipe Submission by Aditti Ahluwalia‎  Recipe Ingredients: 1 kg raw banana; 300 g potatoes; 30 g oil, 10 g cumin seed; 5 g white pepper powder; 5-6 green chillies; 10 g ginger; 50 g green coriander; 50 g apricots; 50 g khoya(reduced milk); 1/2 cup singhare ka atta Sendha namak to taste Recipe Method: Soak apricot in water for about 1 hour, drain it, chop finely and mix with khoya. Peel and chop ginger, green chilli and green coriander. Boil raw banana and potatoes, peel, mash and mix it well. Heat oil in sauce pan, add cumin seeds till it...

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Cooking with Le Creuset | Aditya Bal demonstrates to GurgaonMoms

Just the other day, I was watching Aditya Bal on one of his T.V. programmes, turning an ordinary dish into an extraordinary feat with his lovely, flowing account of the whole affair, which made me fall instantly in love with the final product. With this, he literally pushed me into the kitchen to rustle up my version of the same. Period. The same afternoon, Subhashini’ s call stirred me from my heavenly siesta and sooner than I knew, the heavy eyed langour gave way to wide eyed  cheer. Guess what, she asked me if I could write for this event...

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What to do with all the vegetable leftovers? Its Soup time!

This article is contributed by That little cube of cabbage, the one-two celery stick, small cup of mushrooms and the squash which has been untouched since you bought it fresh from the Mandi 3 days back! Our leftover vegetables form such a mismatched bunch that its impossible to think of a recipe that would use up all of them. The solution is simple – Soup! Its the easiest way to pull together all the mishmash and feed yourself and your family a delicious and healthy meal. Any vegetable can be turned into soup with little time and minimum...

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Daawat E Biryani

Recipe Download (Click here ->) : Daawat Brown Rice Recipes Looking for the perfect biryani recipe? Thirty lucky GurgaonMoms got the best recipe in town from a chef, who cooks more with his instincts than a set recipe. And that’s what makes the difference. It’s not all in the ‘dum’, but it also how much heart and soul you put into its making!  And Chef Basant Kishor, Executive Chef, Ramada Central Gurgaon, did just that. His simplistic style of cooking, chatting with his audience and using his intuitive skills for portions instead of measuring cups, won the hearts of Gurgaon Moms. His simplistic manner...

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