Klay Prep School & Day Care Center – Gurgaon

“IF I CAN’T LEARN THE WAY YOU TEACH ME, THEN TEACH ME THE WAY I CAN LEARN” Klay – a chain of high end and high quality preparatory school and day care centre across Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Guntur, Noida and Gurgaon. Klay is the brain child of experienced educationist, teachers and education leaders with extensive experience in early learning pedagogy, methods and set up. KLAY Philosophy Kids, Learning and You- KLAY, the name says a lot about our philosophy. We believe the three important pillars in a young child’s life at this stage are the father, mother and the teachers – a child is learning largely from their immediate environment – an environment they feel safe and secure Apart from a high quality preparatory schooling program, KLAY also has extremely safe, healthy and learning based day care program across our centers. Our teaching and learning philosophy is based on Multiple Intelligence and experiential learning where the child learns through experiences in and around one’s learning space. Growing With Klay All children coming into school every morning come with varied moods. The teachers plan fun and engaging sessions for the children, with new activities every day. What a lovely way to start a day at school ! Sitting in a group for Circle time on everyday basis, which involves learning about the calendar, weather, emotions, and then the concept of the week. The children...

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Sacred Saturday Ritual

    My Saturday brunches used to be something to look forward to all week. However hectic the work week was, Saturday was for friends, when I would get up late in the morning, dress up in my latest buy, and reach flavors, or even T.G.I.F. at times to start our spirited three hour tradition of trashing people amidst food, tears, and laughter. I had forgotten all about it after marriage (obviously) but a few days back I reunited with one of my favorite gals who had just shifted back to Gurgaon from New Jersey and was missing her gang of girls and more specifically her Saturday outing. She was actually in tears while talking about it. I was starting to snigger at the ridiculous thought of getting out of the house on a Saturday. Saturdays are the days when the hubby is at home and there is no school for your child and the cook comes late and the weekly visit of the gardener, car cleaner happens! In short, Saturdays are extremely hectic and I was just giving her an earful about all this when I had a flashback. Those carefree days of killing time, moving from one café to another, or just loitering in the mall, checking out people, and forgetting life’s all stupid worries, I got teary eyed too.       There is a reason...

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Kids say the darndest things – Sept 2013

Kids never cease to amaze us. We bring to you a series called 'Kids say the dardnest things'. This segment has all the makings of a blockbuster movie. It could leave you laughing, amazed, and sometimes even plain shocked. This week we feature the kids of Jayanti Pandey and Shravani Bagchi. Jayanti Pandey says, "It was our anniversary a few weeks ago and it being a working day, middle of the week , we had not planned on going out/doing a party etc. I asked my daughter if she wanted us to do something special and she said, " Mom, I want nothing. But tonight when you sleep, I want you and Papa to hold hands while sleeping……"   We were amazed and touched by her perspicacity and her connect with the non-material things at still a very young age….     Shravani Bagchi-Chowdhury says, " Arnav, then 6, was overheard telling his friend when he said that I should know Michael Jackson…"My Mamma doesn't know anything cool.  She grew up when there were just 2 channels on TV – can you imagine?!"   Did your kid just say the darndest thing? Mail us immediately at ...

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