It is a story, a reaction, an inference and an offer In a village far away sits a grandmother a little worried. She is old and extremely poor. She lives in a small hut with her grandson. Id is not far away. With her savings she...

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Raising Fit Kids

Getting our children moving means we have to move ourselves! As parents we are all concerned about whether our kids will gain the right attitude towards health. Being fit and healthy invariably mean a happier life after all....

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8:00 am Imagine 2018 – Building Emotiona... @ Zorba
Imagine 2018 – Building Emotiona... @ Zorba
Oct 26 @ 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Imagine 2018 - Building Emotionally Safe Spaces @ Zorba
We all seek emotionally safe spaces where we are accepted and valued for who we are. Children First in partnership with Teamwork Arts is organising a one day conference IMAGINE 2018 on the 26th October on this theme – Building Emotionally[...]

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