The Mouse & The Lion

Not so long ago, in a lush green forest there lived a lion. He was the king of the jungle. He lived in a big tree house which was extremely comfortable and beautiful. He had a sweat tooth and loved to eat candies. He used to...

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11 years and 4 months

I sat with my cup of hot chocolate and watched the rain come down, it felt like the world was weeping for me. I hadn’t shed a tear in years now. To be precise I hadn’t cried in 11 years and 4 months. I suffered the...

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Why has February only 28 days?

A poem I wrote some time back when my younger son asked one day why has february on 28 days:)..) my precious little one…. bundle of wonderfull emotions and fun breezes in and out of the house.. full of questions and ideas,...

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Understand Mania: mood change!

Your mood can change due to many factors. When chemicals stimulate certain parts of the brain, mood usually gets affected. A manic episode is characterized by period of time where an elevated, expansive or notably irritable mood...

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