Living In Gurgaon

Christmas in Gurgaon

Christmas season lends itself to lots of delicacies, pies, puddings and the ubiquitous Christmas cake’. The fabulous “Christmas cake” as we know it infact originated in England as a humble oat porridge eaten on...

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Dastkar – Go Green

I have been fascinated by composting ever since I visited daily dump website. Two years of hunting for their handy composters, I finally saw an ad for it in the upcoming Green mela by Dastkar. Yes!!! I made a date to go get my...

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Dengue and Remedies

Dr. Parul Maheshwari Sharma of Max Hospital alerts "Friends,Dengue outbreak is at peak like every year,post monsoon.Hospitals r overflowing with no bed availability. PREVENTION,sp for our children: *Empty stagnant water at...

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Upcycle Gurgaon

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