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What are GurgaonMoms wearing this Diwali?

Seven gorgeous GurgaonMoms, and one fabulous photographer came together on Friday to put together for us various looks to carry off this festive season. The energy that these women brought to the photoshoot was absolutely infectious. Draw inspiration from our super-star moms for your festive season look! We are bringing the looks to you. We would love to see your pictures, so do post them within the community.  [metaslider id=5292] A pat on the back for Team GurgaonMoms for conceptualising and putting together this fun photoshoot. Some of our core members with the Mom Models Credits: Featured Moms: Anshu Bhatia, Anupriya...

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Breaking Myths & Inspiring Change

SHE, is the one who creates her own destiny .This story is about an ordinary woman but not so ordinary for me. She is my inspiration & my Alma Mater of real Life learning. She is none other than my mother, so fondly called Ma by us & the famous, ‘Badi Ma’ of my village. Born as the eldest daughter in a family of 10 siblings in a rural town of Nirsa in Dhanbad district in Jharkhand she was named as “Gita” after the Holy Hindu scripture, which later had a great influence in her life. Fighting against all...

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Woman Of The Month – October 2013

In conversation with Aparna Santhanam, a woman who wears many hats – a sucessful author, dermatologist, mother, wife, and an ardent supporter of social causes. We spoke to Aparna on life after a baby, family holidays, food, and more….. 1. Has Mommyhood changed you? If yes, how? I think becoming a Mother has been the most defining moment of my life.Everything else  in life is on one side and Mommyhood is on the other side.To me,it is the only unselfish and  unconditional relationship in life where you never think about what you are getting back.   2. One 'aww' moment/incident with your child When my daughter was nine years old,she was asked to write about a famous figure who truly  inspires her.So,naturally I expected she would write about some musician ,politician or some  other famous person.She wrote her composition on me and said that “My mother is a very good  doctor who is going to be famous!”It was not just an aww moment but has often served as an  inspiration to me. 3. One getting on the nerve moment/incident with your child When Sharanya was about seven,she stopped being amenable to suggestions about oiling her  hair.I remember,one Sunday morning,she screaming and running around the room,while I  chased her with a coconut oil bottle and finally giving up in frustration and flinging the bottle! 4. Favourite Family food with recipe  This...

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Women Empowerment Center – Katha Village

Alka Raza is a strong woman… both in personality and actions. Single handedly Alka has transformed a once dilapidated family Haveli into a warm and Maharajah worthy home. To add to her accolades is the successful running of the NJB Women Program Centre in Katha. Katha is on the Delhi Bagpath road which was an ancient route used by the Mughals to reach Kashmir.The Haveli is 400 years old and it has been refurbished with modern amenities but retains the old world charm. Alka has been a journalist for most of her adult life and her husband’s work with the UN has taken her to exotic locales – El Salvador, Vienna and Jordan to name a few. NJB organizes health awareness and medical camps for the villagers. NJB organizes meetings with the villagers to make them aware that a medical camp is going to take place and they should register. They invite well trained and qualified doctors from Delhi and arrange medicines to run the medical camp. They start early morning where mothers and children are allowed to enter first. Doctors examine them and they are provided with medicines. The doctors explain the villagers how to use and how many times should it be taken in a day. Later in the afternoon men are allowed to enter and the procedure remains the same. Alka now uses the name of the...

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Sarika Bhattacharyya

You are a very ambitious woman? What impact did the onset of motherhood have on you? I would say " I am motivated" rather ambitious. I am motivated to bring meaning and change in my life as well as others lives. In this regard, I have always been lucky to have the support of my family, my parents, my siblings, friends and last but not the least my husband who stood by me like a pillar of strength. When I realized, I am pregnant I became motivated to adapt my lifestyle to the changing circumstances. I was working with Merrill Lynch at that point of time and used to travel very extensively. I made sure my contribution at workplace or performance did not go down and would work a lot from home. I had my boss support in this as he saw I was determined to manage my work well as well as take care of my small baby. During my maternity leave, there was a joke in my team : "Sarika has two laptops – one baby and the other her Macbook". I used to work a lot from home when I was not travelling which gave me flexibility to work odd hours like late nights and early mornings when my baby was asleep. Even now as an entrepreneur, I make sure that I work 10-12 hours a...

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