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L’Angoor as the name itself suggests is a quaint and charming restaurant in the busy business hub of Gurgaon. Closer to Mehrauli and a little way off M.G.Road this is at the Global Business Park. As we enter the lovely setting beckons us to the strains of old time Broadway music. Comfortable and elegant seating with accents on their exclusive wines add to the warmth. Embracing the modern age L’Angoor the name is coined as a mix of French and Hindi. Literally translated it means “The Grapes”.The wine lounge is a brainchild of the Indigo family and boasts an enviable collection of wines. The menu is displayed on and I-Pad which takes the visual element to a whole new level. It also gives clarity to what the diner needs. L’angoor is fine dining at its best. Each dish is presented as epicurean delight. True gourmets will love the plating techniques and the presentation. It was a colleague’s birthday when we went for our review and in a most touching and flamboyant gesture we were served fine champagne to toast the birthday girl. What a fabulous way to begin a meal. As soon as we settled down a sectioned platter was placed on the table containing Wasabi nuts, Cashew nuts and a piquant mustard dip with fresh veggies. We were next served freshly baked bread with butter coins. For starters...

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Vaastu for Childrens’ Room

Vaastu means "house" and vaastu shastra aims to establish a harmony between the five basic elements viz Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air. Following this ancient architectural science, I will now give you a few tips on how to create congenial settings for the Childrens’ Room.  A woman plays so many roles in her life but the most important role she plays is of a Mother. She plays this role with full affection, care and soul effortlessly. For every mother, her child’s safety and wellbeing is most important. The first step to make sure that child gets safe and secure place at home is to make their room kid friendly. It just gets better when we start applying some Vaastu techniques too. A few tips: The apt direction for constructing children’s room is west. Apart from that, west, northwest, northeast and southeast directions can also be used for constructing kids’ room. Totally avoid the southwest direction In a kid’s room, the bed can be placed in the southwest corner. Place the bed in such a way that your child has his/ her head facing the east or south direction, while sleeping As a part of Vaastu guidelines for children room, it is recommended to avoid placing the mirror on the opposite side of the bed If you want to keep furniture items in a children’s room, keep them a...

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