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Getafix : An Unguilty Affair

Wonderful winters of Gurgaon can get you craving for some hot n’crispy, cornflakes covered fried chicken or salivating for a pizza with stringy mozzarella melting in your mouth, you can hop over to Cross Point mall, where you will get your fix at Getafix. With guilt-free indulgence as their motto, Anandita Chawla has designed a sinful menu which contains very less of those ingredients which you are hoping to avoid as they prepare food in the state of the art Rational Oven. Their in-house salsa, mustard sauce, peanut butter and hummus as accompaniments, you are sure to come home...

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Circus: A Fundoo Place

Want to take your kids out for a fun lunch on a lovely winter afternoon? Then a well-loved dining bar from South Extension, Circus, has just opened doors at our favourite eating space Cyberhub. Nothing about this place is boring, with its spunky interiors and a large clown made of stained glass behind the bar, to masked waiters, and a fun street food menu with healthy options. Mr. Rajvir, the manager, greeted us with some innovative beverages. We chose, Joker no. 9 which had mandarins, and a Masala Gang-which came in flavours like anaardana, raam laddoo, kala khatta etc....

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Rain, Slides and Biryani

On a rainy afternoon if you are looking to get wet, what better way than sliding down into pools from heart-thumping heights. Yes, I’m talking about the water park at Appu Ghar in Gurgaon. Last Friday as it poured buckets, I fished out an umbrella and headed for Appu Ghar. I thought I was the one with the smart idea, but it turns out that a lot many in Gurgaon had the same idea too. But I didn’t dunk myself in the ‘Lazy River’ or  “Monsoon Mania’ (the rain was already doing that for me), instead, I opted to...

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Where To Go In Gurgaon To Eat Out With Kids

If you live in Gurgaon and have kids under the age of 6, the likely question that pops up every weekend is – where do we go out for lunch? For those without kids, this isn’t a question one asks while leisurely sipping tea and reading the newspaper, simultaneously thinking of the three new summer dresses in the cupboard wondering which one is best suited for a brunch with friends. This is the harried question of a mom who cannot think of what to cook for yet another meal and is simultaneously remembering how sheepishly she had to apologize...

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The Dhaba – GurgaonMoms at the Launch

It’s popular in its five star avatar. So the owners decided to try mass appeal and take it to the aam admi. The Dabha, a restaurant synonymous with the Claridge’s Hotel in Delhi, is now a  standalone and two editions have opened in quick succession: One in DLF Place Saket and the other in Gurgaon’s most happening place, Cyber Hub.  The Gurgaon outlet officially opened on January 16 with a big party (unofficially it started on January 4). So what’s special about Dabha? The décor is kitschy, with lines like ‘Don’t worry, Eat Curry’ painted on the walls and brightly coloured chandeliers made from coloured drinking glasses. The bar corner is dedicated to being a theka, Dilli-ishtyle, complete with a caged look and pauva (quters) bottles instead of serving glasses. So when you order a drink, it will be served in a pauva. like the interesting Basanti tarrah (vodka with finely diced cucumber) I checked out.   They added a bit off fun to the launch party, with guests being offered a chance to get a Punjabi –style turban or a parandi for the ladies. And the star attraction was a cut out of a truck, in which one could pose and get a Poloroid for keeps. The restaurant plays Punjabi Bollywood numbers and the waiters and managers break into song and dance to pep up the mood every now and then. Looks less odd than it sounds. A...

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SodaBottleOpenerWala – A Vegetarian’s Verdict

Having spent a good five years in Pune, Iranian cafes were a part and parcel of those glorious years. I say glorious because those were the college years, spent without much or any worry, of sitting idly in cafes thinking of what the future holds, of having little, or sometimes no money, and hence sharing that chai and bun maska. It has been a while since I graduated, left Pune and that life behind. Walking past ‘SodaBottleOpenerWala’ in Cyber Hub brought back so many memories.   Most old time Parsi households I have been to exude nostalgia. Their decor,...

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