Short Stories


5:25 pm……. 5:27 pm……..5:45 pm….. 5:53 pm…….5:58 pm….. I had looked at the watch more than a hundred times in the last half an hour. I couldn’t wait for 6:30 pm; I had to get out of the office. Had to be somewhere by 7:00pm. I got up and went into the lady’s room, washed my face, and stared into the mirror. I was pretty and I knew it. I adjusted my kurti and re-did my hair. Looked at myself again in the mirror and walked out of the lady’s room. I got back to my desk and sank into my seat in the hope that no one finds me to dump work on my table. I just had to leave at 6:30 pm. It would be another twenty minutes to that. I waited, checked my e-mail, posted a few messages on facebook, and looked at the watch again. Now it would be another eight minutes before I could leave. I would need five minutes to get the car out and then depending on the traffic would need another thirty minutes to get there. I had waited enough, the minute the watch showed 6:30 pm; I got up and walked straight towards the door. I had a smile on my face, didn’t bother saying bye to anyone, lest they delay me by talking. I got into the lift and...

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Being Tamil in Gurgaon

When we first set foot in Gurgaon in January 2009, little did we know that we’d come to love this city (except when having to foot bills), so much over the years. We found friends, best friends, long lost friends and distant relatives who became first family. I still remember, during one of our first visits to a local mandi, we met a maami (tamil aunty, they’re easy to spot with their pattu saree and typical tamil diamond ear stud) and my mom-in-law asked her, “Are there many Tamils in Gurgaon?” and she promptly replied, ”You’ll meet a million!”,...

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