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The Saree Story : When Moms Ran in a Saree

 #BreakingtheStereotypes   They say that nothing can stop a group of women determined to run, even if they are in a saree. Some of our fitness conscious members participated in the Saree & Dhoti held in Gurgaon recently that a campaign for Women 10K Run 2018.    Vidhya Venkat, a participant, and a Gurgaonmoms  member writes Sarees happen to be one of the most elegant attires a woman could wear. Whatever way you drape the saree it never goes out of fashion and it is one of most comfortable attire for some. When the saree theme run was announced as a promo run...

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6 Moms Who Chose To Embrace Grey Hair

Most of us freak out the moment we see that first strand of grey hair. Well, I surely remember that I did as I got them pretty early.From mehendi to hair color to indigo, I’ve tried it all. But now I believe I have started to accept my greys even though I am yet to hit the fab 40 (only a few months away though). And then there some ladies who love to adorn their greys.Meet our very own community members who have embraced this phase of their lives beautifully.They share why is it that they chose to go the...

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Watch How a Mom Celebrated Her Pregnancy

Meet Jasveen Gulati, Co-Founder of Urban Dance Center|| Urban Dance Entertainment || Urban Singh Crew  This is what she has to say about her pregnancy dance video  “I was a born dancer, at the age of 2 I used to dance on bhajans (haha), out of all songs. my parents knew this was my passion but due to unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t get professional training, so instead of leaving dance completely, I started working as a marketing head of a dance school so that I stay connected to my passion somehow.After 3 years left the company & got into events/entertainment industry as...

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