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R’s Just Hair – Hair Salon

About R’s Just Hair : R’s Just Hair is an exclusive stand alone hair salon specializing in all kinds of basic and technical hair services for men, women and children. Being a small setup they are able to control and have strict guidelines for all procedures. They take immense pleasure in being a bunch of passionate Hairdressers and never compromise on their products and service quality.   And Ruchi Sawhney says : I would like to take this opportunity to express that my work has been my true calling in life. I would like a lot of youngsters of our country to take up this profession as it is creative and allows you to be an entrepreneur. I strongly believe that you should never cut corners and never compromise on the standards of your work. Only those who are hard working and have tons of patience should enter this profession. It looks glamorous and is appealing from the outside. As an employee and now as an employer, I have always remained focused on being a service provider and remain humble towards my staff and clients. “We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started. “-Henry Ward Beecher    ...

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Woman Of The Month – October 2013

In conversation with Aparna Santhanam, a woman who wears many hats – a sucessful author, dermatologist, mother, wife, and an ardent supporter of social causes. We spoke to Aparna on life after a baby, family holidays, food, and more….. 1. Has Mommyhood changed you? If yes, how? I think becoming a Mother has been the most defining moment of my life.Everything else  in life is on one side and Mommyhood is on the other side.To me,it is the only unselfish and  unconditional relationship in life where you never think about what you are getting back.   2. One ‘aww’ moment/incident with your child When my daughter was nine years old,she was asked to write about a famous figure who truly  inspires her.So,naturally I expected she would write about some musician ,politician or some  other famous person.She wrote her composition on me and said that “My mother is a very good  doctor who is going to be famous!”It was not just an aww moment but has often served as an  inspiration to me. 3. One getting on the nerve moment/incident with your child When Sharanya was about seven,she stopped being amenable to suggestions about oiling her  hair.I remember,one Sunday morning,she screaming and running around the room,while I  chased her with a coconut oil bottle and finally giving up in frustration and flinging the bottle! 4. Favourite Family food with recipe  This...

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REQUIREMENT OF MAINTENANCE OF BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS While you set up your business with grand fanfare, reaching your dream turnover was just the first milestone, you have already begun to bother about the profitability. Maintenance of financial records is actually a way to know the true and fair position of your business. In reality, it is much more. It is also a legal requirement. Let us understand the requirement and the necessity for compulsory maintenance of accounts and audit as per Indian Income Tax Act in a simplified manner. There are basically two categories 1.     Specified Professionals 2.     Non Specified Professionals A. Specified Professionals include persons rendering services and having technical degrees in legal, medical, engineering, architectural/interior, accountancy, technical consultancy, information technology, film artists or any other person as notified by government. E.g.: lawyers, doctors, architects, interior designers, engineers, chartered accountants, film artists, consultants etc. Specified Professionals are non traders.   REQUIREMENT TO MAINTAIN BOOKS AND AUDIT As per Income Tax Act, a person carrying on any profession as mentioned above is compulsorily required to maintain complete record of books of accounts if his gross receipts from profession exceed Rs 1,50,000 per annum in all the three preceding years.  In case it is the first year of set up, you have to compulsorily maintain records if gross receipts are likely to exceed Rs150,000/-. In case the gross receipts of specified...

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