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Indoor Air Pollution-How can air purifier help

Our mom Namrata Chauhan, was sent an air purifier from Philips and asked to review. Please find her genuine observations. Hello Moms! I am sure you got a chance to read my write up on Indoor Air Pollution, how it affects us and the new product launched by Philips. ( As mothers we already are very stressed out for our children. a slight cough, more than a couple of sneezes, change in body temperature makes us run amok for getting our little one back to normal. We always do the extra check wash hands, use sanitizer, don’t drink unfiltered water, don’t binge on street food; the list is endless. Home is the place where we let them go. We know that we have done a good job of disinfecting our place. This is the place where they can be themselves and are protected from all the outdoor illness causing influences. Little do we realize that the levels of indoor polluted air that affects our little ones. A harmless teddy bear, that colorful nail paint, the carpet; all within the comfortable reach of the child can have negative effect on the quality of air that the child breathes. Without our knowledge they contribute much to the indoor air pollution levels. Infants are at much more risk, they actually breathe 28000 times a day as against 24000 a day for adults...

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Musings of a Wannabe Gourmet GurgaonMom

Ah! So tomato prices are down to Rs 8 a kg! But why would I care? After all I am a resident of the uber, millennium city, which has grown from jaggery village (Gud–gaon) to Gurgaon and more popularly known as The Gaon, as the glitterati and chatterati say. I would rather go for the best and they cost ?2400/kg. Yes siree, I shop at the mecca for gourmets (not gourmands), FoodHall! It is a fantasy land created by the owners of the very middleclass Big Bazaar (where bargain hunters look for cheap deals on subse sasta Wednesdays).  And why would they cost so much? These are special Red Pear Tomatoes that only gourmets will know how to use! Or Belgian red tomatoes that also cost the same! And now I am scouring the Net looking for epicurean recipes that use these ingredients. After all, like most things in Gurgaon, I’m a wannabe too. [img source:] The hedonistic FoodHall opened to a select audience in Gurgaon two weeks ago. It’s the fifth such outlet in the country and second in NCR. So it must have sounded impudent for Kishore Biyani, when wannabe me asked him if I could compare the renovated Spencer’s Hypermart to Foodhall. “ No, don’t even think of it. I sell tomatoes for Rs 2400 a kilo,’ he said proudly, during the gala inauguration ceremony. In...

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The Dhaba – GurgaonMoms at the Launch

It’s popular in its five star avatar. So the owners decided to try mass appeal and take it to the aam admi. The Dabha, a restaurant synonymous with the Claridge’s Hotel in Delhi, is now a  standalone and two editions have opened in quick succession: One in DLF Place Saket and the other in Gurgaon’s most happening place, Cyber Hub.  The Gurgaon outlet officially opened on January 16 with a big party (unofficially it started on January 4). So what’s special about Dabha? The décor is kitschy, with lines like ‘Don’t worry, Eat Curry’ painted on the walls and brightly coloured chandeliers made from coloured drinking glasses. The bar corner is dedicated to being a theka, Dilli-ishtyle, complete with a caged look and pauva (quters) bottles instead of serving glasses. So when you order a drink, it will be served in a pauva. like the interesting Basanti tarrah (vodka with finely diced cucumber) I checked out.   They added a bit off fun to the launch party, with guests being offered a chance to get a Punjabi –style turban or a parandi for the ladies. And the star attraction was a cut out of a truck, in which one could pose and get a Poloroid for keeps. The restaurant plays Punjabi Bollywood numbers and the waiters and managers break into song and dance to pep up the mood every now and then. Looks less odd than it sounds. A...

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SodaBottleOpenerWala – A Vegetarian’s Verdict

Having spent a good five years in Pune, Iranian cafes were a part and parcel of those glorious years. I say glorious because those were the college years, spent without much or any worry, of sitting idly in cafes thinking of what the future holds, of having little, or sometimes no money, and hence sharing that chai and bun maska. It has been a while since I graduated, left Pune and that life behind. Walking past ‘SodaBottleOpenerWala’ in Cyber Hub brought back so many memories.   Most old time Parsi households I have been to exude nostalgia. Their decor,...

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L’Angoor as the name itself suggests is a quaint and charming restaurant in the busy business hub of Gurgaon. Closer to Mehrauli and a little way off M.G.Road this is at the Global Business Park. As we enter the lovely setting beckons us to the strains of old time Broadway music. Comfortable and elegant seating with accents on their exclusive wines add to the warmth. Embracing the modern age L’Angoor the name is coined as a mix of French and Hindi. Literally translated it means “The Grapes”.The wine lounge is a brainchild of the Indigo family and boasts an enviable collection of wines. The menu is displayed on and I-Pad which takes the visual element to a whole new level. It also gives clarity to what the diner needs. L’angoor is fine dining at its best. Each dish is presented as epicurean delight. True gourmets will love the plating techniques and the presentation. It was a colleague’s birthday when we went for our review and in a most touching and flamboyant gesture we were served fine champagne to toast the birthday girl. What a fabulous way to begin a meal. As soon as we settled down a sectioned platter was placed on the table containing Wasabi nuts, Cashew nuts and a piquant mustard dip with fresh veggies. We were next served freshly baked bread with butter coins. For starters...

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Amber Dusick’s book on Parenting

Two nights ago I found my husband sitting in the hall in one corner giggling to himself. I was busy clearing up after dinner so didn’t stop to ask him why he was giggling. A few minutes later when I came back to the vicinity I found him laughing. I just wanted to finish clearing up and get to bed so that I could catch some sleep before my 15 month old woke up for his night feed, and so I continued to do my chores. As I finished up in the kitchen and came out, I found him on the floor and laughing so much that he had tears in his eyes. Seeing my curiously amused face, he pointed to the book in his hand and invited me over to see it. “I don’t have the time to read any book now,” I said to him irritated. I nonetheless walked over and sat down beside him, and trust me when I say that reading Amber Dusick’s Parenting – Illustrated with Crappy Pictures was like reading the pages right out of my life. Hooked on, it took me an hour to read this book cover and cover and it was the most hilarious one hour I have experienced in recent times. If you are a parent, then Amber Dusick, through this book of illustrations, takes you on a roller...

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all-day Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Jan 20 all-day
Organipop - Organic Farmers' Market and Food @ Ambience Mall
Grainny’s Organipops make trustworthy organic food and lifestyle accessible to you. We are delighted to invite you to this weekly addition of your city’s most wholesome Organic Event, in partnership with Ambience Mall Gurgaon. Here[...]
10:30 am PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Jan 20 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Play /plei/ is to fiddle or tamper with Lab /’lab/ is a place for experiments, teaching, research, learning and making We call our workshops PlayLabs because this is where we tinker around with stuff –[...]
11:00 am The Winter Pop-Up @ DLF Club5
The Winter Pop-Up @ DLF Club5
Jan 20 @ 11:00 am – Jan 21 @ 8:00 pm

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