Being a Bengali in Gurgaon

Quintessential Bengali as depicted in most Hindi movies either shows us (Bengali women) in long flowing curly hair with sari with red border or struggling with our Hindi. Not all that is true, here I am making a humble attempt to decode what being a Bengali is all about – especially when uprooted from home town Kolkata. Simply speaking Being a Bengali means one who is born in West Bengal to a Cultural Bengali Family. The word “Cultural” has a deep rooted meaning to our upbringing that only we know. (Remember it’s to be pronounced as KAL-CHA-RAL)… So what...

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Know your child’s money habits

As a parent, one realises the fact that each child is different even if they are siblings. They can have contrasting habits and personalities when it comes to their basic nature like eating habits, food preferences, toys and even the kind of friends they make while growing up. Understanding this, it becomes increasingly important to deal with them; teach them aspects of life-differently; even aspects of money matters. By nature, some kids are spendthrift and maynot value money enough. As a parent it becomes critical to explain them the value of money. My eleven year old daughter spent not...

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