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Things you must know before you start your business.

The start up of any business requires lot of time and effort. I would compare start up process to the time taken before a flight takes off. Every flight first runs on the ground for some time to gain momentum and then takes off. Before you fligh high, have you done your ground work?    There is a famous maxim “ignorantia juris non excusat”  Meaning Ignorance of law is no excuse! Every citizen ought to know the law of the land. Ignorance of the law excuses no one because the contrary would be to confer a premium on ignorance which would afford a defence to every transgression of the law. It lays down the importance of knowing what laws are applicable to your business. Just as you put together a business plan, you need to approach the legal aspect of a business in a systematic manner. Begin with the laws pertaining to the basics of starting a business. List down all the aspects and gather all the required information. Typically, to a small scale business the applicable acts are: Income Tax Act, Sales Tax (VAT), Service Tax, Provident fund, Shops and Establishment Act and Company Law (if the entity is a Private Ltd company) In addition to this, there are several acts which can have implication on your business like trademark and patent acts, intellectual property rights, laws relating to quality control,...

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Take good care of your back during pregnancy

This article is excerpted from the handbook 'Active Spine', which will be released soon by the Publishing House: Theory Pregnancy is a new challenge for woman’s body. Loads of biomechanical changes occur: a growing midriff shifts the centre of gravity and greater weight causes stress on joints and intervertebral discs. These are physiological changes and a healthy active back handles them well. If you did not have back problems before pregnancy, it is likely you would avoid them while pregnant, provided that your spine is properly “serviced” (taken care of). Namely, how should you take care of your spine? If you are physically active, the first two trimesters of pregnancy are absolutely not a contraindication to continue this activity, you should just exclude jogging and sports which require a lot of jumping. An active spine is the one controlled by muscles, and they are also worth looking after. Exercise and physical activity are the best remedy for pain relief and well-being. They increase blood circulation and improve the supply of oxygen, which is also very important for your unborn child. If your physical activity before pregnancy was limited to driving and sitting behind your office desk, then you should sign up for training carried out by a specialist, to prepare for the birth and the last trimester of pregnancy. Exercises should be properly tailored to your capabilities. The...

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Sweet Dumplings Of Heaven by Anjali Srivastava [Special Prize]

Ingredients: For the filling • Khoya-250 gms • Dry coconut grated- 100 gms • Cashew nuts coarsely crushed-50 gms • Almonds crushed-30 gms. • Raisins- 50 gms • Chironghi(optional)-50gms • Sugar-200gms For the Dumpling  • Flour- 250 gms • Salt- a pinch   Method: • Take the khoya in a non stick pan and cook it on a low flame till it changes its colour • Add the sugar and let it cook for ten minutes • After this mixture cools, add all the filling ingredients to it and mix properly. • Meanwhile prepare the dough and it should be smooth so that it easily rolls with a rolling pin. • Make small balls with the dough and flatten it with a rolling pin and make small bangle sized chappati • Now place the filling in the centre of this and fold it like a dumling. • Repeat with all the dough till all the filling has been used. • Now deep fry these Dumlings on a low flame till it becomes light brown. • Serve hot or on normal temperature • It is surely treat for the...

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An overview of the Domestic Violence Act

Often, justice is not served because the victims have no idea what is the legal procedure involved or indeed what law is applicable. Vidya Raja starts off this column on laws that can help women fight crimes. Here is a low down on what the Domestic Violence Act (“Act”)means. An overview of the Domestic Violence Act The Act protecting women from domestic violence came into force in the year 2005. This Act besides being a revolution of sorts also heralded many changes in the lives of many women across the country. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence is a widely debated Act. However, very often we fail to understand what the Act means and stands for. Having said this, I must begin by explaining what ‘Domestic Violence’ means. Section 3 of the Act defines the term ‘Domestic Violence’. The salient features of the Act are as follows: Only women are at liberty to seek refuge under this Act. The Act seeks to protect women who are either in a live in relationship with an abusive partner or are married to men who are abusive in nature. The Act also has provisions wherein the women who is being subjected to domestic violence can register a case against the husbands family members who are causing such abuse. The Act includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse that is physical,...

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FUNSHOP by Himanshi Khurana

A FUNSHOP……. A workshop that will involve art, craft, creative writing and dramatics. Children will learn to create finger, paper bag and stick puppets. Then they will create a story of their own with the number of puppets they have. Then they will learn dramatics with skills of voice modulation and hand skills. At last they will create their personal puppet windows and learn to present their creations. The workshop will be starting from 15th May to 31st May.   Thrice a week Tues, Wed and Thurs: 5:30 to 6:30. Price: Rs 2700 including all material Gurgaon moms special price: Rs 2400   Batch Size: 10 kids. Personalized attention, a/c...

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all-day Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Jan 20 all-day
Organipop - Organic Farmers' Market and Food @ Ambience Mall
Grainny’s Organipops make trustworthy organic food and lifestyle accessible to you. We are delighted to invite you to this weekly addition of your city’s most wholesome Organic Event, in partnership with Ambience Mall Gurgaon. Here[...]
10:30 am PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Jan 20 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Play /plei/ is to fiddle or tamper with Lab /’lab/ is a place for experiments, teaching, research, learning and making We call our workshops PlayLabs because this is where we tinker around with stuff –[...]
11:00 am The Winter Pop-Up @ DLF Club5
The Winter Pop-Up @ DLF Club5
Jan 20 @ 11:00 am – Jan 21 @ 8:00 pm

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