September 14, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
RMZ Infinity
Delhi - Jaipur Expressway Sector 18

For the month of September, She Means Success is hosting a workshop on Negotiations. We also start a super interesting series called ‘Ask Me Anything’ series with an accomplished entrepreneur.
AMA series with Mitali Sahani, the co-founder of The The Bombaykery. The Bombaykery brand is bold, fun and hipster-like, (not the typical pinks & pastels expected from a bakery/pastry shop); its abstract with a great sense of attractiveness. Find out from the co-founder how they went about setting up their store, getting the word out, pricing strategy etc.
Mentor : Kaushik Vardharajan, Global Hospitality Professional
Most people hate negotiating and the very thought of doing so gets their pulses racing and heart beating faster in anticipation of an unpleasant experience. However, negotiations don’t need to be feared or dreaded and if you keep some basic principles in mind and prepare well, negotiations can be fun and productive. This session/course/chat will help you get over your dread of negotiating and help you become better at them.
Kaushik has almost two decades of consulting and business development experience in the hospitality industry across Asia, North America and Russia. He has worked with a variety of companies during this time, including large institutional investors, global hotel companies, government agencies and HNIs, advising them on their business strategy and investment decisions and has handled negotiations across the world. He has also honed his negotiation skills by having to negotiate with his wife every time he wants to buy more camera gear.