soulSpoonful of Soul is a quaint yet niche restaurant tucked away in Nathupur.SOS is International. In its look, its food and certainly in its service. GurgaonMoms had the pleasure to review this restaurant co owned by Anuradha  Khanna  and Rohit Sodhi .These siblings share a common passion for food and have taken fine dining to another level.

The SOS experience begins when you board an exclusive glass elevator which opens out into the restaurant. Bright and serene are your first thoughts as you enter this well lit area with pristine white walls and pops of colour in its accents. At the entrance is a causal lounge where one could cozy up for a coffee. Then the restaurant takes over with a chic bar. Mentionable is the SOS wall of Gourmettiti.. my word for Gourmet graffiti.. Proof of satisfied customers.

What sets SOS apart is the diversity in its menu.There is an ample selection for dieters no compromise on the taste. The salads are not dressed to disguise and they use ingredients that are good for you. Makes it a good venue for kitty parties. The wait staff leads us to a table and offers us regular or mineral water. Even the coloured glass bottles for water are pretty. As soon as we are seated we are served the most gorgeous butter drenched garlic bread. Crisp yet light. A very thoughtful touch as the staff brings us 2 stools to place our handbags on.

As mothers we are always concerned as to what our child will eat. At SOS they ensure that they have adequate choices for the youngsters. To name a few :

Mini burgers; Fish and chips( on request) ;Pasta 

To commence we had mocktails and cocktails. The virgin Cosmopolitan was light and tangy yet subtly sweet. Served flawlessly chilled in a martini glass..One really felt like Sarah Jessica Parker straight from Sex and the city!

Virgin Cosmopolitan

Virgin Apple Mojito


The virgin Apple mojito was bursting with fresh ingredients… sliced apple muddled with fresh mint and lemon .. this one is perfect for a scorching summer’s day.

The Margarita was also served to perfection is a salt frosted glass with frozen (as requested) tequila and lemon accents. Summer will never be such fun with these drinks.

We begin our epicurean journey with these starters:

Let us Roll: Fresh lettuce leaves ,roast chicken and hoisin sauce (Rs 325) Devil on Stilts: Bacon wrapped prawns grilled to perfection (Rs 395)
crispyspicyprawn Zuchini Roll
Spicy Oriental Prawns: Prawns with a crunch and chilly (Rs. 395) Zucchini Roll: Tiny towers of zucchini filled with a tangy yoghurt (Rs.395)
Mushroom Falafel
Warm Mushroom Cocktail: A parmesan basket filled with a medley of mushrooms Falafel Platter: Pita stuffed with falafels and served with amazing hummus and baba ghanoush


The meal then proceeded with an assortment of salads:


chicken strawberry salad Veg Strawberry
Blow Hot Blow Cold Strawberry Chicken Salad Strawberry yoghurt salad


Strawberry yoghurt salad: Fresh assortment of lettuce, asparagus ,finely sliced turnip and toasted pine nuts. Served with toasted slivers of bread. The dressing is mildly sweet yoghurt with a hint of strawberry.(300)

Blow Hot Blow Cold: This was toasted quinoa and feta cheese balls served on a bed of lettuce with a tangy lemon mayo. One must mention here that the health benefits of quinoa are many. (350)

Strawberry Chicken Salad: a towering feast of grilled chicken with lettuce , pine nuts and a refreshing strawberry dressing (300)

One says that we first eat with our eyes and this is so true of SOS..Each dish is presented in true international style.

Main Course:

034 039 036
Pan Fried Noodles (Veg) Cajun Spiced Fish Soul Mate


Pan Fried Noodles (Veg): soft luscious noodles topped with stir fried Pak Choy,Shitake mushroom,baby corn and a medley of vegetables.(275)

Soul Mate: Chicken,cheese,sundried tomatoes encased in a grilled roasted chicken served with herbed rice and an amazingly rich and delicious cashew sauce. (525)

Cajun Spiced Fish: Grilled Basa fish served with roasted peppers and a delicious lemon butter sauce with a side of creamy mashed potatoes. (575)

For dessert we had

042 044

Brownie with ice cream : a moist yet chewy chocolaty brownie(250)


Date Cigars: Crisp filo stuffed with dates served with vanilla ice cream.(250 )


From the starters the best we voted for was the Let us roll.. Crunchy yet zesty. The fun element was also high as you got to make your own wrap with the lettuce. The oriental prawns were spicy and cooked to perfection. Our vegetarian guest thoroughly enjoyed the visual appeal of the zucchini roll as well as the light and fresh taste. The mushrooms in the parmesan basket were creamy- some folks may not enjoy it as a starter as it was slightly on the heavy side.

Among the salads the chicken strawberry salad leaned towards the sweet side and wouldn’t be enjoyed by spicy food fans. The quinoa balls however were amazing and one felt happy to be eating something so nutritious. The pine nuts in the salad lent a wonderful crunch element to the dish.

Our main courses found the pan fried noodles to be nutritious and light on the stomach. The Soul mate was a bit on the heavy side as it had a delicious but creamy and cashew enriched sauce.It was accompanied by a herbed rice which had a n abundant use of olives,herbs and sundried tomatoes.  The Cajun Fish was perfectly grilled and was a delight for the senses. The accompanying grilled peppers lent punch to the dish.

Spoonful of soul is a memorable experience. It’s a food lover’s delight. They have taken care to ensure use of the finest ingredients while paying attention to the health factor. Calorie conscious as well as a place that gets full marks on taste is a rare find indeed. Its also a family place as there is something for each and every kind of taste.

Special offer upto May 30th for Gurgaon moms only: a complimentary mocktail when you visit SOS.

Tuesdays is their weekly off.

Address – 27, IInd Floor, Nathupur Road, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon, Haryana
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