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The Forest Of Enchantments :A Poetic Review

 A story about a small girlWho learnt life’s lessons, as she enduredWeakened by love, her heart in a whirlShe used love to grow & she maturedLove made her forget her very own needs, but love made her so needyThat she started to keepHer thoughts to...

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The Black Barrier

Winter has always been a great time for outdoor photographs, with the beautiful sun and the blooming flowers. But this winter was different. I found no day when I could plan a safe outdoor session for the families…the AQI never gave us the green signal. Rarely the...

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Being Bengali in Gurgaon

Fifteen years back when I was getting married and shifted to Gurgaon, I was warned by many- “don’t go to Gurgaon, you won’t be able to settle ever!” After fifteen years in Gurgaon, now I can tell my friends there, that I don’t miss Kolkata much! Slowly and steadily...

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Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2018 

When I first heard about an invitation to the Kids Choice  Awards  ( KCA)  - the biggest event hosted by Nickelodeon  India  and  Viacom  I could recall vivid memories of Orange & Green. Orange for the vibrant Nick logo on a...

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Mommy Goals

#Mommy goalsWear a warm baniyan-thermal one inside after your bath…a full sleeve...

It is time to wake up…

It is time to wake up… I hold the paper tight… creasing it, and gather my courage, as I take the...

Stories by Moms

The Perfect Christmas

"Welcome home"-the card read..decorated with glitters and colourful ribbons ...little Mia was quite an artist, She had placed the card on the table near the tiny yet so beautiful Xmas tree. The wind was teasing the curtains....fresh beam of sunlight had kissed every...

Gratitude is the Key

Just a small thing,allow me to share... I was coming back from a recce for a photoshoot..I had splitting headache,some severe hunger seemed all the “mooshak “of Lord Ganesha chose my tummy to dance around...on top of that the most annoying traffic and...

Passing On

Ghazala had just lost her father in an accident and even before she could mourn for him fully, she was married off. All the extended family had started thinking of her as a liability and forced her mother to tie her with the first person who came to see her. Her...

Help! I am Growing!!

I have a problem. A lack of awareness , maybe. So, somebody please enlighten me about some gadget, appliance, alarm, contraption... or anything remotely akin which would perform the following functions. P.s. It’s an SOS situation, a loud call out. Kindly discuss with...

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