Women are Smart Savers : Tips to become Smart Investors Too

Women have always been smart savers, kitty parties, chit funds, money in that small shoe box were...

How to Know that You are Wearing the Wrong Bra

Most women around the world wonder the real need to wear a bra.Therefore at the onset, we must set...

Lohri Celebrations In Gurgaon

Lohri is one of the most popular Punjabi Festival celeberated on 13th January. It is also...

In Conversation with Shreya Chawla: A 16 Year Old Baker from Gurgaon

A craze for baking made her name her venture Krazy Cakes.Shreya Chawla, a 16-year-old from Modern...

Durga Yadav and her extraordinary journey

Durga Yadav is from Delwara, a village near Udaipur, Rajasthan. It’s a typical story of her being...


Most Aries have prominent and defined features and are known for their fearless stance and self-belief. Possessing strong likes and dislikes, an Aries will almost always speak his mind, irrespective of the consequences. 2018 may bring some health-related troubles,...

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Fukrey Returns : Movie Review

Cast:Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Richa Chaddha, Priya Anand, Vishakha Singh, Anand Tripathi.! Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba The adorable, funny and broke team of Fukrey returns after four years to present yet another big bang performance...

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The Guilt- Free Celebration!

I love holidays! In fact, this is my favourite time of the year.. a little nip in the air, a hot cuppa coffee and a warm blanket.. & then comes the Christmas & the New Year Eve. Those colour coordinated themed parties, the drunken escapades, the night long laughter...

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Expressions by Moms

A Moment Of Love

His father was visiting them after a long time.He decided to call upon all his siblings-older brother and younger sister over ,along with their families for the weekend.He wanted the whole family to be together so that they can cherish the quality time with his ageing...

Life In Gurgaon -Part I

?I shifted to Gurgaon in 1988, just married, into a big house, with only the two of us. There were not many house helps available back then, so the first week after getting married with all the fanfare, passed in cleaning and setting up the house. It was the end of...

The Christmas Miracle!

David sat down with a thud, the phone receiver almost falling from his hands. His hands trembled so hard that he had to tuck them under his bums, his heart sank into the pit of his stomach. Sweat was now breaking into his forehead and slowly trickling down past the...

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