Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2018 

When I first heard about an invitation to the Kids...

2019 Zodiac Predictions by Aditti Ahluwalia

Aries  It’s a year of mixed outcomes. The anxiety that you...

10 Must-Try Makeup Tips for Winters

Makeup Tips for Winters   Pamper your skin every night...

Duty Free – Vayu Bar Gurgaon:Review

Duty Free bar at Sector 29 is one of the newest entrants...

Ask-the-Doc-Series: Osteoporosis

At what age should ladies start taking daily calcium...

Paneer Teriyaki with Sautéed Vegetables 

Paneer Teriyaki with Sautéed Vegetables Ingredients: 100 gms Paneer( cut into cubes) 4 tbsp Veeba Stir fry Teriyaki Sauce 2 tbsp Olive Oil 1 Broccoli Pepper( Red n Yellow sliced) A pack of mushrooms 2 tbsp butter Salt n black pepper to taste Method: In a frying pan...

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Bake a Sunshine Cake Initiative :Spreading Smiles

Bake a Sunshine Cake is an initiative of the 4 year old 25,000 member strong Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community which is a globally recognized healthy baking and social impact community.  This is the 4th  year in a row when they are carrying it out across various cities...

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Christmas Cake Recipes by Our SuperMoms

Shefali Saxena Here's the recipe I used. Its the simplest recipe possible. I adapted from a Nigella Lawson recipe and made some changes based on ingredients I had. You don't need to soak the fruits for months, even a week or 10 days gives a great taste. Recipe :...

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Magic Created at the Fund-Raiser for Bagiya

Sheer magic was created on stage last Saturday morning at the South City 2 Club, when Bagiya and Music Mantraa came together for a musical fundraiser event. A student led initiative by founders Rhea Chadha and Sabina D’Souza, the ‘Music Mantraa’ presentation aimed at...

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Fish with Parsley in Honey Mustard Sauce

 Fish with Parsley in Honey Mustard Sauce Serves:4Ingredients: 8 Fish Fillet 4 tsp coriander seeds 2 tsp caraway seeds 2 tsp cumin seeds 2 tsp crushed red chilli flakes 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp sea salt Sauce Veeba Honey Mustard Sauce 75 g Parsley leaves ...

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12:00 pm Banarasiya – A GurgaonMoms Trip ... @ Granny's Inn
Banarasiya – A GurgaonMoms Trip ... @ Granny's Inn
Jan 27 @ 12:00 pm – Jan 29 @ 12:00 pm
Banarasiya - A GurgaonMoms Trip to Varanasi @ Granny's Inn
  Girls! It’s time to make some memories again. “Saree, Ghats & Temples of Varanasi” – an exciting sojourn in Banaras that makes you experience the different hues of life. A city where calm and[...]

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Mommy Goals

#Mommy goalsWear a warm baniyan-thermal one inside after your bath…a full sleeve...

It is time to wake up…

It is time to wake up… I hold the paper tight… creasing it, and gather my courage, as I take the...

Stories by Moms

The Perfect Christmas

"Welcome home"-the card read..decorated with glitters and colourful ribbons ...little Mia was quite an artist, She had placed the card on the table near the tiny yet so beautiful Xmas tree. The wind was teasing the curtains....fresh beam of sunlight had kissed every...

Gratitude is the Key

Just a small thing,allow me to share... I was coming back from a recce for a photoshoot..I had splitting headache,some severe hunger seemed all the “mooshak “of Lord Ganesha chose my tummy to dance around...on top of that the most annoying traffic and...

Passing On

Ghazala had just lost her father in an accident and even before she could mourn for him fully, she was married off. All the extended family had started thinking of her as a liability and forced her mother to tie her with the first person who came to see her. Her...

Help! I am Growing!!

I have a problem. A lack of awareness , maybe. So, somebody please enlighten me about some gadget, appliance, alarm, contraption... or anything remotely akin which would perform the following functions. P.s. It’s an SOS situation, a loud call out. Kindly discuss with...

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