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Am I always going to be a mother first?

My hubby of twenty years repeatedly told me to stop worrying when our older child was leaving for college. I was beside myself with grief, and it took me over a year to ‘get over’ her departure, and be able to Skype with her, without collapsing in a heap of tears....

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Why ‘Kalank’ is more than a period drama

So I know I might get bashed up for this one. Coz the reviews on the movie… disappointing to say the least. But honestly, I have been looking forward to watching Kalank since I saw ‘Ghar More Pardesiya…’ trailer with Alia’s dance. ‘Such astounding beauty!’ was the...

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Cold Brew : The Mean Bean Co.Way!

Cold brew coffee is coffee that is brewed cold and is different from cold coffee.The coffee grounds are steeped in water as long as 24 hours to produce a concentrated coffee essence, which is then diluted to taste and served chilled. How to Brew Step 1 : Ingredients...

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Masti Ki Pathshala-Episode 2

The adorable Inayat & Jyot are back with Masti ki Paathshala!! Watch how they heighten Cricket fever with simple DIY ideas for the cheer squad !! So what are you waiting for??Get printing and cheer your team **This is an advertorial...

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It’s a Vagina and Not a Cave!!

Four months back my friend shared about a work site, where he was laying underground petroleum pipelines. Every time, the earth drilling machine drilled in the chest of the earth, it used to get stuck. The whole team couldn't understand the reason as they were using...

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Community Roundup

Upcoming Events

Improv For Young People @ Monkey Business
May 27 @ 11:30 am – Jun 1 @ 6:30 pm

Batch 1 : Kids (Age group 6 to 10 years)
Time: 5:30 pm to 630 pm (1hr)
Dates: 27th May to 1st June (6 days)
Show: 1st June
Fee: 4000 (early bird – 3000, registration till 30th April)
Max number of participants: 12

Batch 2 : Teens (Age group 11 to 16 years)
Time: 11 am to 1 pm (2hrs)
Dates: 27th May to 1st June (6 days)
Show: 1st June
Fee: 6000 (early bird – 5000, registration till 30th April)
Max number of participants: 12

Finally, at NIC (Nautankibaaz Improv Comedy) we are breaking new ground and reaching out to young people. This is once in an year opportunity to introduce your children to the most dynamic performance art in recent times.

Do you remember ‘Whose line is it anyway?’. Now imagine kids improvising in those funny and creative formats. NIC coaches have been performing and teaching improv in NCR for the last 2 years and leading the efforts in spreading improv in this part of India.

Children will learn improv games and exercises and will perform for a live audience in the last session.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let your kids explore this powerful form.

To know more call on 9818828228 or 8285187018.
To register, PayTm on the same numbers and share your details, with the screenshot.


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Ghazala had just lost her father in an accident and even before she could mourn for him fully, she...

It is time to wake up…

It is time to wake up… I hold the paper tight… creasing it, and gather my courage, as I take the...

Home Made Night Lotion for a Blemish Free Skin

I prefer using home-made and natural products and this one cream that I have been using since long Since this is a preservative -free lotion that contains rose water, lemon juice, glycerine and vitamin e capsule , it is advised...

Stories by Moms

Mommy Goals

#Mommy goalsWear a warm baniyan-thermal one inside after your bath...a full sleeve sweater and track pants with warm lining inside is a’s a bit cold today...” “Heard you.....will do”a typical reply as expected... “Drink your chocolate milk quickly if...

Help! I am Growing!!

I have a problem. A lack of awareness , maybe. So, somebody please enlighten me about some gadget, appliance, alarm, contraption... or anything remotely akin which would perform the following functions. P.s. It’s an SOS situation, a loud call out. Kindly discuss with...

The Hearts Beat Together

Christmas was around the corner and Mrs. Rita Lobo was busy working in the kitchen. She was famous for her plum cakes and there were advance bookings always during this festive season. She had hired Susan to assist her and was extremely happy with her working style....

Have You Grown Your Wings Yet?

"..and the award for the best singer goes to......any guesses?”the anchor tossed her annoying question when everyone waited with a bated breath...“The award goes to....someone who is true to her name ..Ms Vani...”and the whole auditorium was thundering with the sound...

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