Women Must Speak Up Against the Injustices and Violence they Face

A lot has been said and written about the #MeToo movement that started in the US and then spread...

Meet Sameera Satija : The Woman Behind ‘The Crockery Bank’

Sameera Satija, 45 yrs, works for the Central Govt. and has been a resident of Gurgaon for 20...

Ask-the-Doc : 2

Are moles always harmful?  Ans: No Moles are not harmful always. But if they suddenly start...

Break the fast: Why is it Important for Children

I am a mother of a 12-year-old son and a nutritionist by profession. Our generation of parents,...

Book Launch-Koi Good News?

Haven’t we all heard this at least once in our married lives? I remember by the time it was around...

Special Assisted Sports Academy Opens In Gurgaon

"Disability need not be an obstacle to success” -Stephen W. Hawking Children with special needs often face challenges in their daily lives. These children must be provided with adequate infrastructure and skills to deal with these challenges and help them in holistic...

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#MomsDayOutAtGoogle Bengaluru

It’s always a good feeling to receive an invitation, specifically when it’s coming from GurgaonMoms, a group very close to my heart since I share some wonderful memories when I lived in Gurgaon. With my move to Bangalore, I was still connected with GurgaonMoms via...

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4:00 pm Parenting a Book @ Olly
Parenting a Book @ Olly
Aug 4 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Parenting a Book @ Olly
Parenting a Book GurgaonMoms and Juggernaut Books together present a writers workshop with Natasha Badhwar, the author of My Daughter’s Mum. What does it take to parent a book? In the confluence of nature and[...]

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Inspiring Mom Stories

An Ode to a Fine Teacher

Growing up if there was one subject or class that never failed to excite me – It was English. This was only furthered and made more thrilling by the entry of Mrs.Rani Chandran. Mrs. C was our new English teacher with a smile that made her eyes twinkle. She was always...

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The Unanswered Questions

( Sometimes we find an image to compliment a write-up...but rarely it happens that when you click a picture ...a story automatically takes a shelter in your heart...I am penning down a fiction that I thought of when I shot this picture....) He asked her every time -...

The Failed Planning

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The meeting had been fixed for eleven. Both the families were meeting for the "Roka" ceremony. The atmosphere was fun filled and happy. The would-be couple was dressed up in finery as was the immediate family. The tradition of...