My mom is all the cliches of the world rolled into one.
For her age is just a number, positivity is the mantra and she lives for today.
87 years of age living alone in a 2nd floor flat with no lift, still cooking ,still active ,still living life to the fullest ,she is my inspiration 
Born in Rawalpindi Pakistan to a very forward thinking Mohyal family she witnessed the partition first hand
Part of a large family she had a father who encouraged education and passed on his love for nature ,the hills and walking to her.

Always eager to participate in everything she was part of India’s first Republic Day parade and has at various stages met Queen Elizabeth ,Jawaharlal Nehru ,The King of Nepal ,General Cariappa and many more
She looked after an invalid spouse for nearly 20 years dealt with a drug addicted son for 25years and subsequently lost them both
With not much luck in the financial department she’s always made things work. 
The only ailment she has is depression which she has handled remarkably with exercise and friends, no medication otherwise 

She learns music ,plays cards, is part of a Laughter Club and the Pune Chapter of the Dignity foundation 
Her love for the hills has taken her everywhere including the Khardung La pass alone at the age of 75
She gets her teeth removed alone ,her cataract operation alone she’s totally unstoppable 
At 80+ she won her first fashion show ,her first Walkathon and numerous accolades for dance performances 
Truly : Happiness is a State of Mind
She’s a real HERO

This has been shared by our community member Sonali Varma Khullar and we thank her for sharing her mom’s inspiring journey with us .She truly justifies the saying that Age Is Just A Number .

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