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Skin is very sensitive to minute changes, be it weather,lifestyle changes, food, sleep pattern changes etc. In holi all these factors play their role. The pollens are in the air ,the weather is changing, we want to savor the traditional sweets and there are holi parties where we eat all sorts of food .The colour  used while playing and applying plays havoc with the skin ph and thereby skin can be easily damaged in the process .This in turn can take a long time to be set right.
Holi can be looked upon as a way to heal and nourish your body. Especially after Holi when skin is in the inflammatory phase due to chemical or synthetic colours. At times due to excessive scrubbing and application of herbal colours again nd again on the face or hands , the skin becomes chapped and dry. Keep some cooling ubtan  and a hair conditioner  already prepared in your wash room to sooth and nourish your skin and hair. A simple ubtan can be a cup of besan mixed in 2 spoons of malai and cucumber juice .To this add 1 cup of badam oil .While bathing apply the ubtan liberally all over your body and by the time it nourishes your body you can apply the hair conditioner to your hair. A regular conditioner can be – beat an egg with 1 spoon of Olive / Almond oil . Add 2 spoons of ground methi dana powder to it and apply it to your hair. Leave it for 10 min while you massage off the ubtan from your body .These simple measures will help in removing the colour and also nourish and rejuvenate your body.
Before Holi –
  • If you are attending any holi parties remember to eat salads /  a bowl of curd with the following topping- kalanamak+ bhuna ajwain+ bhuna zeera  before you leave home or for the party.. This will keep your digestion strong.
  • Apply Palm oil all over your body before going out to ‘play’ holi. In case you do not have Palm oil, you can use sesame oil. These oils are fast absorbing and nourishing so they do not make you look and feel greasy.
After Holi
  • Always have a bath with Chandan / kumari ubtan after playing holi with synthetic colours . You can mix the ubtan in milk and badam oil and apply all over the body and leave it for 3-4 min and then rub it off. This will take away the colour and also nourish the skin. Always apply moisturizer after a bath.
  • Oil your hair before playing with colour .Olive oil/mustard oil are greasy and coat the hair very well .Colour dries the hair ,so it is important to nourish the hair with deep conditioners .You can make a paste of methi dana powder with brahmi in kaolin clay and apply it to the scalp after shampooing for 10 min to get your soft tresses back.
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