For the filling

• Khoya-250 gms

• Dry coconut grated- 100 gms

• Cashew nuts coarsely crushed-50 gms

• Almonds crushed-30 gms.

• Raisins- 50 gms

• Chironghi(optional)-50gms

• Sugar-200gms

For the Dumpling 

• Flour- 250 gms

• Salt- a pinch



• Take the khoya in a non stick pan and cook it on a low flame till it changes its colour

• Add the sugar and let it cook for ten minutes

• After this mixture cools, add all the filling ingredients to it and mix properly.

• Meanwhile prepare the dough and it should be smooth so that it easily rolls with a rolling pin.

• Make small balls with the dough and flatten it with a rolling pin and make small bangle sized chappati

• Now place the filling in the centre of this and fold it like a dumling.

• Repeat with all the dough till all the filling has been used.

• Now deep fry these Dumlings on a low flame till it becomes light brown.

• Serve hot or on normal temperature

• It is surely treat for the mouth.