DSC_0137-1I was contemplating getting a tattoo done since a long time, as it was one of the thing to do in my wish list, which I have made for myself.  The kind of tattoo I wanted, everything was clear in my mind but the only question was when, where and which part of my body. I had visited a lot of tattoo shops and asked lots of questions like, how much time it takes to make it? how much does it pain? can you describe the intensity of pain?and how much time will it take to heal properly? I always used to make up my mind and then just this thought that it might be very painful used to burst my excitement bubble.

It was after my fortieth birthday that I realized that if I am not going to do it now then when?  I suddenly felt a wave of determination and conquering over my fear. I don't know what happened but the intensity of getting the tattoo was very strong. Finally, it was just few days to my 17th wedding anniversary and I decided to go for it. As it was my partners name I was going to get inked so I thought this was the best time.

Getting a tattoo done does not need any special planning, only one should be clear about the design, the body part you want to get it done on and have lots positive attitude. After selecting a design, Imagine yourself with that tattoo after ten or fifteen years, will it bring the same kind of happiness on our face, if yes, then please go ahead. The purpose for any tattoo should be that you are doing it for yourself even if it is your lovers, partners or kids name. The focus should not be that you want to do it to make anyone happy, it should make you happy at the first place. If the intent is right the outcome will always be right. The designing of my tattoo took some time as I wanted my partners name but woven into a design as an arm let. Please be sure to get it done from the reputed outlets as you have to be sure about the hygiene part as we are dealing with needles here. Tell your tattoo artist to show you the fresh needle and unseal it in front of you. Don't forget to carry the needle with you or destroy it yourself once the tattoo is done. I carried it back home as a souvenir.

I will lie if I say it was not painful, it was but nothing you can't bear. It's a minimum bearable pain.My advise to moms who want to get a tattoo done  is to go ahead without any fear, we women are very strong, this pain is nothing in front of the courage we show in handling our lives, careers, families, and kids so effortlessly. when you are through, it gives you a sense of achievement and a feeling that you have vanquished your fear.

I would say its okay if your kids want to get a tattoo but not before they are independent adults. The tattoo stays with you for ever so one needs to be that mature to take that decision, and this maturity comes with age and experience. We need to educate our kids that sometimes the tattoo done on the spur of the moment may bring you more sorrow than pleasure.


My favourite design will be something you really feel connected to, something which has some meaning for you, something you want it to become a part of you. Some of the popular designs are butterflies, names of your loved ones, hearts, some religious signs, stars, angels, any quotation which inspires you, Infinity sign and sun signs.  There is a wide range of designs available and you can always choose from the design diary which a tattoo guy maintains. 

549359_4990778320660_1836258534_nUntitled 2Another mom Smita Jain Kapoor recounts her experience & has a few words of advice "When i got inked the 1st time, it was like- not getting younger, so might as well start living for myself now. I got a small tattoo done first to know how much it'd pain, and later got a large one – the Gayatri Mantra. Few things to consider before getting inked-
1. Get a design that describes you and one you can live with all your life.
2. Chose a spot that is a bit fleshy such as upper arms. It hurts less.
3. Degree of pain depends on individual's pain bearing capacity, but it's like a needle scratching.
4. You do need to take a few precautions like avoiding exposure to sun et
c, but you will be told that when you get it done.
5. Ensure needles, colour etc are of best quality- USA made.
6. Last but not the least – The tattoo artist better be experienced, you dont want a wrong word inked "


Sonia Rao, a designer says that she selected the symbol to get inked on her body after years and years of careful deliberation. She says that it has a deep significance in her life.

Sonia TattooShe elaborates her experience "Then I went out and looked for a good tattoo artist with excellent skills and one who could help me refine my idea. Anurag Pradhan of Ink Over Matter in Bangalore did a great job helping me sharpen my design. I selected the placement of the tattoo on my body with equal care. It had to be a place I can choose NOT TO SHOW if so desire. In India we move around in all kinds of circles and play so many different roles in life, all of which may not accept a tattooed woman with equal open-mindedness. It was clear that I don't want to be at a disadvantage because of my personal choices, better still I don't always want to reveal my personal choices. 
For example, if I am required to wear a saree at a formal pooja, maybe showing my ink might not go down very well with the elders or the village relatives. The idea is not to give offence to those who's feeling you care about.
Another example is if I am working out in the field (I'm a designer and regularly go to the craft-peoples site for design development), especially in semi-urban areas, one tends to get "labelled" or "typecast" based on one's dressing and/or behavior. Showing my ink there too may not be too prudent. Its about self preservation, and keeping personal choices, personal. "



Mansi Garg Apte did it for many reasons and she is happy she did it. In her words, why she did it

"1 – wanted to do something darling, unusual, unique (I thought)

2 – Something that I was very passionate about, had great feeling, was great part of me, a life changing moment to cherish all life

3 – Def thought it was soooo cool

4 – I have a SUN (black ink)…behind my back of my right shoulder……its my power house, my energy source !! J

5 – Have a sexy beautiful/flower combo on my lower back…..thats my sexy, feminine part J

6 – want a new one on my wrist….as previous ones can’t be seen in all my clothes…lol….now I want it on on wrist J

Go for it…..I so am happy I got it done."

Some of the shops in Gurgaon are

  1. Tattoo design shop blue
  2. O at Ambience mall
  3. Angel tattoo design studio iffco chowk
  4. G town ink Dlf phase 2

Happy Inking!!