Is intelligence something that is measurable by tests and dictated by genetics? If dictated by genetics what of all those children who are tangibly more intelligent than their parents or anyone else in their family??

Are we what we choose to be in any moment? Is intelligence the degree to which we can expand and connect to a vaster intelligence and consciousness in any moment? Is intelligence a matter of cultivation through effort?

One can accumulate knowledge through effort. Knowledge and intellect can give one a cutting edge over others in this competitive world but then intelligence is a totally different ballgame. A person who functions from knowledge is functioning from the past memory as knowledge is only what is already known. Intellect being the quality of the brain will only function within the frameworks of the brain.

Our culture has a serious misunderstanding of intelligence and the workings of the mind. In truth our intelligence extends the depth and breadth of the universe and anyone of any age of any measurable IQ, can access this intelligence.

Intelligence is tapping into the unknown. It is that flash of insight that made Archimedes scream “Eureka” while lying in the bathtub. It is that dream which Kekule had of the snake swallowing its own tail, which led to the discovery of the structure of the benzene molecule.

All human beings can read the sensory input around them. Many people already have access to these abilities. In fact some have had them all their lives.

One can clearly see that this intelligence is not a matter of cultivation or effort. It is a happening that occurs at a moment of emptiness when one is able to make the right connections between sensory input and the information already stored in the mind and come up with a unique solution to the situation at hand.

How is it possible to enable the flowering of Intelligence? All spiritual practices aim at emptying the mind which in turn creates the space for natural intelligence to flow in response to any situation.