My 15 years old son has an oily skin that often breaks out into acne, and whiteheads. Though these aren't really cosmetically significant, it bothers him a lot. Apart from using Neutrogena face wash 3 to 4 times a day, he does not use any other cosmetic or medicated cream. Are there any herbal/home remedies that can help him?

Priya these are common problems in teenagers. These are mainly due to hormones as well as the stress and compounded with pollution and erractic eating and sleeping cycle. You can make a face wash at home- take 5 tbs of lal masoor dal+5 tbs of dhuli moong dal and 2 tbs of oats+ 2 tbs of dries neem leaves-mix them and make a soft powder of it in the grinder. You can also add in a 1/4 tbs of regular turmeric/amma haldi if you can get it. Store the mixture in a jar and add just 2 crystals of camphor to the bottle. Keep it at the base, ask your son to use it daily as a wash mixed in tomato juice (preferably) or otherwise you can use it with regular water as a face wash.

I have the problem of cracked heels not only in winters but summers also, can you please tell me what to do, tried many creams but dosen't really help?

Cracked heels can be really painful and can bleed easily if not taken care of also cosmetically they do not try this look good. Since you have it round the year i would advice you to mix these Homoeopathic tinctures in petroleum jelly and apply it at night over your cracked heels. Get Petroleum and Calendula mother tincture-15ml, and a jar of petroleum jelly. Mix 2 drops of both tinctures each in 1/2 tbs of petroleum jelly and apply it on your cracked heels daily. You also need to step up your water intake to nearly double of what you are taking now, also add some nuts and flax seed to your diet daily. This will help keep your body soft and moisturised.

I have dry sometimes normal skin. I get pimples but I don't use moisturizer. I have lot of blemishes on my face. Craving for clean and clear skin since ages?

Very few people are blessed with Normal skin and if you take minimal care of your skin, it will stay young and beautiful for a long time, it would have helped if i could have known your age and the probable reason for blemishes, but here are some tips which can help you-

  • Clean your face with lal masoor dal powder soaked in milk daily. Do away with the chemical face washes.
  • Apply Calendula ointment (Baksons) it is easily available at all Homoeopathic stores.
  • Apply a neem based pack mixed in curd water twice a week.
  • Include a lot of protiens in your diet. Protiens will help in regeneration of your skin tissue and help in building and maintaining of healthy facial skin.
  • Lastly i must include the necessity of drinking 5-6 litres of water daily.
  • Include the following 2 Yogic exercises- Kapalbhaati (3 sets of 30) and simha aasan (3 times). Do let me know in a month about the result.
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