Nursery rhymes… remember them?

Surely when you were a child they were very “in vogue”. But their popularity seems to have decreased in time, even though they are an excellent way of having fun with your child and developing their brain.

But how important is it for the development of your child’s intelligence? Or is it just overhyped?

C.P.Vishwanath, co-founder of the fabulous venture, Karadi Tales (bestselling and award-winning children’s picture books, audio books with music, touch and feel books with braille, board books for toddlers, and gift packs.) will be delivering an insightful session on ‘The Science & Magic of Rhymes!’.

We are inviting 10 moms to join us on Zoom to interact live with the Educator (Register at…/register/WN_SSQbIiz1R7uAeKLKZT5nTQ
) . Rest please join us on July 1st at 5 pm for a Live Session. Click on Get REMINDER to receive a notification when we go LIVE

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