Our member Heena Shah visited Spreading Smiles Gyan Kendra that provides basic education to underprivileged children.We want this beautiful initiative to reach a wider audience so that more and more people can come forward to help the school.
Here's her experience 
 I am more of a silent member of this group. The reason I write here today is because of something that has moved me in the last few days. Recently I visited a slum school called Spreading smiles Gyan Kendra run in Nathupur (phase 2 – near Cyber City) where over 120 children are provided basic education. All these students are children of rag-pickers, labourers, maids, etc. The school is next to a dump yard and people live in the most deplorable conditions in huts. It was heartening to see the kids trying so hard to get basic education. So far they were operating out of a tin shed and just recently built 2 concrete rooms for the little students. The students are provided meals too.
The effort is headed by a Dr. Dhingra along with few others.
Their aim is to prepare children for class 1, 2, 3 and 4 with basic education thereby enabling and helping them secure admission in formal schools.
Few of their students are already enrolled in formal schools.

They are looking at help in terms of books, clothes, toys, stationery and also funds in order to maintain and run the school by way of paying the teachers salaries, arranging transport for pick and drop of kids going to formal schools, continue to provide meals to the kids, building classrooms, toilets etc. Volunteers to teach. Basically whatever help they can get.

In case, you feel like helping out monetarily/ non-monetarily or want to visit the school, please do contact Dr. Dhingra – 9811611402. Either you can drop the books, toys etc. at the school or he will arrange for pick up of these things.

Thank you, Heena for sharing this and we would request our members and non-members to please come forward to help these children.Even the smallest effort and contribution would count