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Know the GurgaonMoms Team


Are you wanting to bring your lady friends and family into – GurgaonMoms -and not sure how to go about it? Have your friends sent in a joining request and been waiting to be added to this amazing space?
Sharing some easy pointers that will make the process for you and your friends easier, quicker and smoother 
  1. We do not add male profiles. (so please don’t invite them)
  2. When profiles are locked we cannot verify the genuineness (after all, we want to keep the community as safe as possible for all of us, right?); THE PROFILE HAS TO BE UNLOCKED at least for a short duration till it is vetted by our team and the membership is approved.
  3. We love nature, scenery, flowers etc. but the account holder needs to have their own profile photo on display for ease of verification.
  4. It has to be a personal account; business profiles are not allowed, period!
  5. Answer the questions accompanying the membership request as these help us to curate programs per your needs and reach out to you on the email id provided.
  6. Request your friends to accept the invitation and check their “Message requests” on Facebook Messenger for information.
Our lovely moderators – Monalika Sabharwal and Suja Ram – work tirelessly to ensure speedy processing of all incoming joining requests. If after following all the above steps, there is still any issue please do tag any of us (preferably @Monalika Sabharwal & @Suja Ram) on this post. You can also message them for help (and do allow them a reasonable amount of time to revert )
Let us share the sisterhood!


Friday is the day for #FridayRecos
Did you just stumble upon a new product that makes our work/life easy or smart? Please share about it in the community here.
Wait… there are rules of course
Who can recommend ?
  1. Only active members can recommend. ‘Active’ members are those who make posts or comment on other’s posts regularly inside the community.
General guidelines to make a recommendation
  1. Remember that you have a responsibility to the members of the community, when you are recommending a business
  2. It is a privilege and not a right. If we find anything out of the ordinary, the post may not get approved.
  3. If the business recommendation is a friend/relative or if you are an investor, do make it known with a disclaimer


The admins love to hear from each and everyone of you. Anonymous posting is a feature created and provided by Facebook and the admins cannot and do not disable anyone from utilizing it.
On our part, to make things easier, we have created these step-by-step instructions on how to make anonymous posts.
Do click on the link to understand the process. We hope this will be helpful for all of you 

How to post anonymously in the GurgaonMoms Community


The need of the hour is to reduce the new things we buy and try to reuse as much as we all can. But understandably, sometimes we have to let go for various reasons like a relocation, outgrowing something or even simply getting bored at times! So, instead of throwing things, it is a wonderful idea to upcycle those in good condition and we, at GurgaonMoms, are happy to provide you not one but two platforms to do so – the community and our website.
However, to get best engagement here is a quick checklist that you can tick-mark when making your upcycling post so all goes smoothly:
  • You can put up an upcycle post on any day of the week.
  • Mentioning the expected price is absolutely mandatory.
  •  A maximum of 4 images or 1 collage is what you can put up in one post. – Make sure the images shared are actuals and not downloads from the internet.
  •  If you have multiple things to upcycle, a collage along with a list of products and expected prices will do the trick
  • Sharing the pick-up location is a must.
  • You can also post your goods for upcycling on our website
We do hope this makes things easier for you! Keep upcycling and do your bit for the environment