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A Soccer Mom Gets Clicked with the U-17 FIFA Cup Trophy

There a few things I do every morning, right after I drop the kids for school and before my husband gets up. It’s a narrow window so I only concentrate on the very important. I make a cup of green tea, skim through the headlines and find out what’s happening on GurgaonMoms. Yes, it is that important and you’ll soon understand why. As I go through all the posts on my favorite Mommy group, I notice a post specifically for soccer moms mentioning a contest- Participate in the Coca-Cola & FIFA quiz and “A chance to click with FIFA...

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Stop Consoling, I Chose to Stay at Home

“Oh, I know you are so qualified, worked for 10 years! It’s okay, kids have grown up now, don’t worry, you can work again, you can get a job, at least you could work in a school.” This dart gets thrown on me in many forms, tones, shapes and with a variety of intentions. Some throw it out of pity, some out of concern, some ignoring my identity as a writer, some just do it like a “Salaah” as in India, and each one of us is a self-certified life coach. I wish to put this in a loop...

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The Power of feeling “I AM ENOUGH”

Does “I AM ENOUGH” sounds narcissistic? It could as my publishers initially thought it to be an egotistical one but later understood and commended the underlying statement of confidence and self-esteem much required for the women especially in India. “Oh! I am not good enough.” All of us human being have this inherent tendency to not feel good enough especially when it comes to moms. Being a mother and undergoing physical, emotional changes dip down the confidence of a woman in the external world. The challenge to meet up to the bars set outside seems daunting weighing the responsibilities...

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Love In The Time Of Despair

It hasn’t been easy looking at the newspaper for the last few days, for any of us. It’s as if the universe is unraveling at its seams, with tragedies unfolding around us at a pace maddening, it’s as if we are being sent a sign: you are not safe, your child isn’t safe, your world isn’t safe. It’s as if we live in chaos and mayhem and there is no rule of law. Our illusion of invulnerability and protection stands shattered. Those of us who looked for lead-free paint for our baby cribs, sterilized their bottles and feeding cups,...

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Few Friendships are for a Lifetime!

 In May I was travelling to the US by Lufthansa and as I sat on my seat, I saw this lady sitting next to me, who looked so nervous!I started a conversation and she told me that it was the first time she was travelling alone and that too to the US for her nephews wedding so she was scared and nervous! As we started chatting, she got comfortable and looked little relaxed. Her name is Sheryl Abraham (Keralite Mallu)and she is a dentist in Kochi! So in that 9hours flight, we chatted nonstop, had wine and saw movies...

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