A small initiative of organising a  ‘Chabil’ on a very hot summer day  was taken by a bunch of members of Unitech Woodstock Floors, Nirvana Country,Sec 50, Gurgaon  including some GurgaonMoms members.What was different was that they wanted to organise the same without harming the environment.Crockery Bank for Everyone came to  their rescue.  

Shradhaa Sanndeep Saraf , one of the organisers , took out reference from GurgaonMoms and contacted Sameera A Satija, the Founder of Crockery Bank . Sameera was prompt in her response and she connected them to Asha Joshi from Nirvana, who was a volunteer with Crockery Bank  .They got the  steel glasses  from her and their motive of charity without use of plastic was a success .More than 1200 people were served in not plastic but steel glasses.The volunteers happily washed them to serve more and more  people.

Shradhha’s  only reason of sharing this is because  it’s peak summers and Nirjala Ekadasi is coming and many would serve  ‘Chabil’ or juices and the sale & use of plastic glasses would increase .As responsible citizens it is our duty to help save the environment and avoid the use of single use plastic items. Its time we look for better options like steel or glass which would surely add further value to the cause


A heartfelt thank you to Sameera and the entire team of Crockery Bank For Everyone for this wonderful initiative and helping citizens contribute to the betterment of the environment .




Thank You Shraddha Sandeep Saraf for sharing this brilliant work done by you and you society members . Kudos to all .