I always saw my mother as the ‘man of the house ‘ With my dad mostly away on work tours, she managed it all by herself. She balanced her work and personal life perfectly. Life was not very easy back then with no 24-hour house help or a personal vehicle . I saw her do it all with a smile . From cooking delicious meals for me before leaving for work , to dropping me to school when I missed my bus , to taking perfect care of all my needs . Yes , at times I used to miss her being around once I was back from school as everyone else had a mother at home . But As I grew older I started to realise her contribution to the family and raising me . She was not a usual mom , but a mom who broke the usual norm of the ‘father’ being the head of the family . In my eyes she was and still is someone who has been selflessly and relentlessly been there for our family always ..in all possible ways.

Our society still believes that a woman is nothing without a husband or a child without a father. At times circumstances are such when you have to live without either of them . It is the not the end of the world and I strongly believe that there is nothing that a mother cannot do for her child that a father is able to. Life is definitely tough without a man being around , but it is not impossible . In the last few years, I have done and handled things single handedly …stuff I have never had imagined that I would be able to do and I must say I am so proud of that .I feel that the only person one should be dependent on is oneself and I hope I am able to teach my daughter the same .
My mother has always been a self-dependent woman, so maybe I get the strength of this belief from her .  She is 70 years young and her unconditional love & care for my dad , my daughter and me is beyond explanation . Yes, I have a long way to go and I would be happy if I could become even half of what my mom is. Even though we have our share of arguments & misunderstandings, she is and would always be my true hero. We are what we are because of you . Thank You Mom for Everything !

A Very Happy Fathers Day Papa and to all the Dads true at heart and to all the Moms who are breaking stereotypes and doubling up as Fathers too!!