“Beta when are you coming home ?it’s been so long ..I am fine but your mom misses you a lot ,we are hoping to see you this weekend ..please come “a feeble voice emerged from the other end of the phone .

“Dad my hands are completely tied up with loads of work ..its a new job ,I need to prove myself ..even right now I am out for a meeting ,can I call you later ?”she sounded hurried..n a bit irritated..

“Meeting ?at 10pm?hope you are safe..what kind of loud music is that in the background ??”he got worried

“Music ?nah I cant hear any music. Oh there must be some signal problem ..hu..hullo..h..llo can you hear me …”she rolled her eyes

“I can hear you loud n clear ..just tell me are you or not coming this weekend ..we miss you …A LOT” he emphasised on his last two words

“Hello ,.hello ..are you there ..I can’t hear you. Ok call you later “ she hung up abruptly

Her friends were calling her ..
“Sara where are you?no phone calls as per our rule …you have organised such a lovely party ..n look the host is busy yapping on phone ..”

“Coming ,it was an urgent call from US office ,had to take it “ she gave an explanation..

“Ah wait..one moment please…need to update on social media …”

Her social media status read –
“Celebrating Father’s Day with friends -miss you papa ..love you ,my dad is the best “
..and her fingers ran through her picture gallery to look for a nice pic with her father …

-kathachitram by Shailja