Talent is like electricity. We don’t understand electricity. We use it. – Maya Angelou

The GurgaonMoms community is a hub of some very talented women who have a great following on Instagram too . Here are 4 members that we love and we are sure that you will love their amazing talent too 

Sandhya Chopra 



Sandhya Chopra is a passionate Pianist trying to spread positivity, joy and happiness through her musical notes!!She believes in ‘sharing is caring’ and what could be better than music which is universal.
She started posting her videos of playing the piano during the lockdown which were appreciated by many . She decided to share her videos frequently and what followed was that soon her son, a drummer and her cute 3 year old daughter joined in as well . 
There has been looking back since then for this musical family and Sandhya calls them ,the ‘videos of joy’ .This family is truly spreading happiness , joy through their musical journey .Do follow her IG handle  or her Facebook account  Piano And Me

Roopali Agarwal a.k.a rocking roops 



A family that dances together and enjoys together and the Agarwal family surely know how to move and groove . Rupali Agarwal is a make-up artist by profession and a style diva. She keeps posting about her sustainable fashion styles especially sarees. It was during the lockdown again that she started posting her dance videos and this her two dancers and her very sporting non-dancer husband joined too. Their videos soon started receiving a lot of accolades and now they keep posting them regularly. Watch this dancing family here   

Avni Bhatnagar 


It is widely believed that laughter is the best medicine . If you are looking for pure ‘just for laughs’ entertainment then do follow Avni Bhatnagar’s and her hilarious reels and videos. Her family and  friends also join in at times for some extra dose of fun. Avni also shares a passion for cooking on her handle . Follow her fun-filled account here 


Mandy Walia


Making people laugh is not an easy task , but Mandy Walia does it best  every time she creates a video or a reel . If you love hilarious content with a dose of sarcasm at times then do follow her . Her videos are usually in Punjabi which add on to the funny quotient. Currently her 911 series is getting a lot pf appreciation  , so do follow her here