Rules of the Community

1.Product/ Service Promotions: We allow promotional posts one day of the week as per rota Monday- Friday only for members of our Mom Entrepreneur group- She Means Success( Please join this group to make individual promotions.

2. Product/ Service Promotions for non SMS members: Those who are not a part of our Mom Entrepreneur group can post their promo-only  SUNDAYS  under the common thread. You can only post about your venture and not that of your relatives or friends If you are selling a product/products then mentioning the price is absolutely mandatory. Also, ensure that you mention all other relevant details of the product being sold (size, material, pick-up details Etc). Posts without a price and other relevant details will be deleted. WE REITERATE THAT ONLY ONE IMAGE WILL BE ALLOWED. No photos other than your OWN product may be shared for advertising. Resellers to mention that they are resellers and sharing the product pics. Only one post allowed per member. In query posts, a mompreneur can post only 2 pics or 1 video  and then share her contact details or page link 

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3. Surveys: Members cannot run surveys or collect personal information from other members. We also request members not to divulge any personal or sensitive information online. The admins cannot take responsibility for what information you put out in the community

4. Rule Flouters: While we value each member of this community, those found flouting the rules repeatedly will be removed from the community. The admins also reserve the right to delete posts that are hurtful and goes against the spirit of the community. Membership of members found indulging in such posts may also be revoked without any prior intimation. This is to ensure that we stick to our vision for the community.

5. Events: A member cannot create an event on behalf of GurgaonMoms. Event or workshop promotions are allowed on Friday only. Events organized by another community cannot be shared or promoted. Private events or meet up invitations cannot be posted in the community

6. Members: Men cannot be a part of the group as it is a group exclusively for women .Do not add them. Only add the women you know so that we can minimize fake profiles

7.Mommy Bloggers/Vloggers: Personal Blogs/Vlogs are only allowed on Tuesdays. You are not allowed to share your blogs on any other external website. Any external website or page link is not allowed and shall be deleted. Blogs shared on any other day would be removed

8 Upcycling Products: Can be done any day. Mentioning the price is mandatory. Any post without the price would be deleted.

9.Personal Property for Rent /Sale: Members can post this any day. It can be their personal property or that of a family member or friend only. No commercial postings. The post should mention the expected sale price or rentals, else it would be deleted.

10. Maid’s photos not to be shared in the community. Photographs of the house help cannot be posted while asking for a reference.
You may inbox the same if a member asks for the same.

11. Running contests, polls, or sampling is strictly not allowed. Please contact moderators for queries.

12. Promoting or creating groups and private events are not allowed

13.Reviews: Posting a paid review is strictly not allowed. Planting reviews are against the spirit of the community and can result in the removal of both the reviewer and entrepreneur from the community.


14. Artists, Teachers, or coaches cannot share their work or work of their students on days other than Tuesdays.No external links or timeline shares allowed.

15. Sharing quotes/information from your personal page or with your logo or website imprint is not allowed

16. Reviews, Recommendations, Gratitude & Appreciation posts are only allowed on Friday. Posts related to these on any other day would be deleted. Only 2 photos or 1 video allowed in Review /recommendation posts

17. Unless a member invites Mompreneurs to pm more details, no mompreneur can pm/spam members.. If a member reports receiving unsolicited information, strict actions will be taken

18. Members are requested not to share or circulate content shared by other members without permission

19. Members are advised to use your prudence to share content in the comment. It is impossible to monitor the individual activities of the members. In case a member shares content without approval GurgaonMoms is not responsible for the same.

20. Members CANNOT host Watch Parties in the community.

21. Job Postings: Employers are allowed to share job vacancies on all days mentioning details like job description, location , hours of work , company name, remuneration (if possible). the contact email id has to be mentioned. You can also fill up this form for your vacancy to be listed on our website or write to [email protected]

22. No naming /shaming of members

23.Forwards like jokes , quotes etc are not allowed, unless its an article. Life Coaches/ Tarot Reader/Vaastu Experts are not allowed to share any inspirational quotes other than Sundays in the common thread, as it would be considered as a promotion 

24. Timeline Shares & External Links/Self Promotion: Please do not share external links. Youtube links and shares from the profile/business page not allowed. Please do not confuse this with your timeline. Though we invite your stories, we discourage self-promotion

25. Photos, Videos & Comments –A post can have a max of 2 photos or 1 video. This holds good for posts & comments. Sellers, please do not spam comments with photos. You can post a link to your FB page instead.

26. Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) are allowed to post either on Saturday or Sunday. Multiple pics not allowed. Please post a maximum of 2 pics or 1 video or a single collage of pics. 

27. Doctor Reviews: Please note that seeking reviews for a particular doctor is not allowed however you can seek recommendations of doctors for a particular course of treatment/ailment.

28. Talent Showcase: We allow members to post video/pic showcasing their talent Tuesdays only. Only 1 video/collage of 2-3 pics allowed. Please note: Members can post Talent video/ posts of their kids on SATURDAYS only . Videos of kids dancing to songs with age-inappropriate lyrics will not be approved 

29. Member Views: GurgaonMoms does not assume responsibility for the views expressed by its members within the community. Each member is solely accountable for their own opinions and statements.

30.Sharing Posts Outside the Community: Upon joining this community, you commit to not sharing any posts or screenshots outside of it. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the community.

31. Privacy:While GurgaonMoms is committed to maintaining members’ privacy, it’s important to acknowledge that we cannot fully prevent anyone from taking screenshots or sharing content.

Technical Matters:
* You can stop receiving too many email notifications of updates by going to the “setting” button on the right-hand corner and unclick the box for email notification.

*You can choose to leave the group with the link “leave the group” the members list on the right hand right.