Attention Mom Entrepreneurs,

We have recently revised the rules for making promotional posts on in the GurgaonMoms community to handle the clutter and also to ensure that reach out to your probable clients more effectively.To be able to make a separate promotional post one a weekday, it is mandatory that you must be part of the group She Means Success. To know more about it scroll below. For the rest, we will make a separate pinned post every SUNDAY where mom entrepreneurs can promote their venture, in the comments section.

Individual Promotions -SMS Members Privilege

We allow promotional posts one day as per your schedule (Mon-Fri)only for members of our Mom Entrepreneur subscription group- She Means Success –

Please click on the link for the details


Product/ Service Promotions for non SMS members :

  • Those who are not a part of our Mom Entrepreneur group can post their promo only  SUNDAYS under the common thread only .
  • If you are selling a product/products then mentioning the price is absolutely mandatory.
  • Also, ensure that you mention all other relevant details of the product being sold (size, material, pick-up details Etc).
  • Posts without price and other relevant details will be deleted.
  • No photos other than your OWN product may be shared for advertising.
  • Resellers to mention that they are resellers and sharing the product pics.
  • Only one comment allowed per member.

Paid Promotions

Momprenuers can also advertise with us on a weekday or a day of their choice as we also have a paid promotion option .This would appear as a pinned post in the community for a scheduled period. For details on the charges and packages , please write to Anshu Bhatia at [email protected]