FH03JAU_WATSTA_03Gurgaon faces Hard Water problem. The hard water leaves stains on the floor tiles.

Find below some handy tips shared by our members to remove the stubborn stains:

  • Easy of Bang
  • Mokleen Tap and Tiles
  • imagesMake a paste of lime and soda bi carbonate and rub on the effected area. leave it for a few minutes and rub again with some vinegar. The water stains will come off [Ecofriendly Tip]
  • Put harpic with a lil luke warm water. scrub the glass and let it be there for 5 minutes. wash it with water. You would be amazed by the results. Harpic is good but do not forget to wear gloves as it rips your skin off
  • But our in-house expert Geetu Arora observes that easy of bang, harpic are chemicals which will make your tile porus and they will become more prone to attract dust and hard water. The life span of ur tiles decreases too…She urges everyone to shift to ecofriendly products.

[Image Courtesy: http://www.familyhandyman.com/]

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